About MT

The Facts

Here are some hard and fast facts about Motorcycle Times, The Mid-Atlantic Motorcycle Magazine. If you have any questions, want more information, or just want to chat, go to CONTACT US and give us a shout!

• When we say "The Mid-Atlantic Motorcycle Magazine" we mean that MT serves Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington D.C., although some issues of MT make their way all over the country and around the world!

• Motorcycle Times is bi-monthly, a new issue comes out every other month (beginning with January) on the first of the month and covers two months of stories, pictures, events, etc. For example: our May/June issue, the third issue of the year, comes out approximately on May 1st and covers things going on in May and June.

• The circulation of the magazine is 12,500 to 15,500 and growing! Becoming a monthly publication is on the list too! Magazines are delivered to over 400+ locations in the Mid-Atlantic and growing!

• MT is ALWAYS FREE. Paid subscriptions are available, but these cost only the approximate price for us to ship out 6 issues. Find more information on the right under "Need Magazines?".

The Story

Motorcycle Times was born of necessity and creativity. The necessity came from the riding community. In the late 80's the motorcycle business was in decline and riders were dropping like flies, selling off their beloved bikes left and right. New riders were in short supply, and Jerry C. Smith was wondering why. It occurred to Jerry that maybe new riders didn't know where to go, what to do, and who to meet up with on their bikes. There wasn't really a resource to bring them this kind of information. This is where the aforementioned creativity came in. His initial thought developed quickly into the notion of a regional motorcycle magazine that would bring riders together and "Give a Voice to the Motorcycling Community." Having plenty of experience working with bikes and in bike shops and with his wife and business partner Lona Queen, an art school grad with experience in graphic arts and catalog production, by his side, Jerry was in a position to do something about his dream. The two published the first issue in 1989 and Motorcycle Times has been going strong ever since. In 2011, after 23 years of publishing the magazine and with changes in health and lifestyle, Jerry and Lona went on a hunt for possible new owners to take up the MT mantle.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Maryland, Pat Elburn was trying to revive a little, blue, Honda CB125S for his daughter to practice riding. While in a parts and accessories shop, he happened to pick up a copy of MT, as he had several times before, and noticed the "Motorcycle Times Needs New Owners" advertisement. He definitely met the "main requirement" of loving motorcycles and the bike biz and after some urging from those near and dear to him, he made a call. Pat and Jerry got on immediately and talked for hours about bikes and the magazine, as both have been well known to do at any given moment. Talks eventually turned into meetings at Jerry and Lona's home which happened to be nearby the college where Pat's daughter Darcy was a graduating senior. After several more meetings and months of nervous anticipation, the Elburns were thrilled to find that they had been chosen from a pool of qualified candidates as the new owners of Motorcycle Times.

Since then, they had been hard at work, not only learning as much as they can about the process of putting together a magazine, but getting happily better acquainted with the local motorcycling community. They were able to fill the magazine with reasons to get out and ride and to added new and exciting features with every issue.

The new owners, Mark and Evelyn McGhee have been motorcycling for 38 years. Mark started long before they met. He was 8 years old when he rode his friend's first Honda Mini Trail and was completely hooked immediately. Many, many bikes and brands later he now has "at least" 8 motorcycles including a handbuilt chopper, a Kawasaki Voyager 12 nicknamed The Sofa and an 82 Goldwing GL1100 Interstate he will be customizing.

Together, Mark and Evelyn are looking forward to meeting the contributors and advertisers and people at the rally's to continue to grow the grass roots feel of the magazine.

The Crew

Motorcycle Times is now under new ownership for 2017! You can expect to see all of the columns you know and love, plus more! In addition, there are some new features yet to come!