It’s Thanksgiving in America

So began a cheery email from one of the internet companies I support with my American dollars. I inadvertently lapsed into work mode after half finishing my first cup of coffee. No doubt if you work from home you’ve experienced this. The routine is established and more often than not it is observed.

While I appreciated the greeting; and even forgave the duplication of phraseology sent by other companies; this caused me to pause for thought and reflection in a manner I was not prepared for. Knowing this could be one of those times I may have shaken loose some thoughts or feelings that were brewing but I was not aware of yet, I let it flow.

Immediately I centered on the “in America” portion. Indeed,¬†amongst so many other ways I am thankful for the people, events, places and yes, even things in my life I am foremost grateful and thankful that I was born here in America.

One need only cast an eye about the globe as we perceive it in these times of information overload to understand what I mean. I will not launch into any political or religious discussions and not just out of respect or fear of offense. Nay, I refrain simply because all sides of those thorny equations are made to be blatantly obvious and are blatantly forced upon us from every possible angle, in every possible media injecting every possible and impossible opinion into our every possible waking moment. We do not just live in the information era. We live in the information overload era.

Therefore I will simply say that yes, it is Thanksgiving in America and by whatever legal means you are in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness…America remains the singular best place in the world to do that.

For that I am thankful. I would be ever more thankful if somehow, someway, someday it could be Thanksgiving for the whole world.

Mark McGhee