Technical Difficulties

As I write this I am thinking about the parallels we take for granted in our lives. Last night, after making a post with the intention of lending an assist to a worthy cause I was notified the blog had broken down. I was trying to provide a service to a fellow human being who had also broken down, so to speak.

Many years ago while I was out of work on an extended medical claim I completed several Web Mastering courses, so I’ve been taking care of this web site and now the attached blog, or NOG as I have named it. It’s short for News Blog. Yes I know, how very clever of me.

At any rate, it was with the utmost reservation and caution that I took on these tasks. I have never been the type to fool myself into thinking, much less believing that I know everything about anything I happen to be thinking I know anything about. I recognized that my skills were quite rusty and out moded and so when summed up amounted to little more than an exquisite opportunity to total the entire site like a go cart in a monster truck rally.

Therefore, I have taken pains to refresh my skills and even more pains to think first when I am tempted to “fix” something. And this has paid off pretty well. It is a strategy I have employed throughout my entrepreneurial lifetime to achieve the desired results. The thing is when you try to fix something you just never know how successful, if at all, you were until the moment of truth arrives and you try it out.

When I tried it out, the blog worked. So it was a success, and in many ways I learned more than I thought I knew. That is to say, in many ways I am still outmoded. And that is kind of how it is. Parallel lines. I am running alongside the mainstream, never quite able to make the leap.

And that has served me well so far.