It seems like my 10 mm socket has gone MIA more times than I have been able to use it.
Notice I said “my 10mm socket” and not “sockets” ? That is because even if you worked in a giant factory that produces only 10mm sockets, and you were given oneĀ  every day as a bonus, which is about 300 days or so in a work year – you’d be lucky to find one single 10mm socket by the time you were about to put the last bolt in the job.

And that bolt would require a 10mm socket.

I know I am not alone in this. The suffering is real. It is so real it has spawned a whole genre of “Missing 10mm Socket” memes. Search it if you must. But be prepared. The pain and anguish depicted is so real, so raw and yes, sometimes so touching it can make a grown man drop his wrenches and cover his eyes as the tears flow. Whether the tears come from Laughing His A** Off or from sympathy for the poor devil depicted in the memes remains open for interpretation.

So, the logic and the reasons being established, I give to you The ultimate “I Care” and “I Understand” and “I Want To Help You Through This” gift guide if you have a person who uses tools for fun or profit in your life.

Just know, this is so powerful the emotions released by this will be real and may be overpowering. You must be prepared. The recipient might respond like one of those Yellow Labradors that is ALWAYS THERE and ALWAYS LEANING ON YOUR LEG, AND ALWAYS LOOKING UP AT YOU WITH THOSE LOVE EYES. This is not to be trifled with.

Here then is my suggestion. Consider it, the expense and the ramifications carefully.

Yes, that is a multipack of 10mm sockets.

Furthermore, that same Christmas night, after all the guests have left and the wrappings are picked up and the festivities are over and the dishes are in the dishwasher and you are resting comfortably in front of the fire with your tool person BY YOUR SIDE you can really just Gorilla Glue the whole day’s events right to that person’s heart.

You pull out one last present you have secreted away in the folds of your cable knit sweater. It is a long, rectangular box. Elegant in it’s simple design and color rather than bright and festive it is completely unexpected.

You hand it over and whisper in a throaty voice something like ” You really matter to me and I really want you to use this tonight” and watch as the trembling hands grasp it. Carefully the lid is slipped off to illuminate this most personal and intimate moment as your Tool Person reveals your final gift…

The matching socket rail.

Merry Christmas!