Good Morning!

I awoke at the customary 6 a.m. today. I don’t know why, and I’ve abandoned hope of figuring it out, but regardless of what time the alarm is set to I wake up right before 6 a.m. everyday.

I gave up on it and just accepted it a few years ago. I suspect the nurse’s morning routines embedded this during my extended stay at the JHH Cancer ward, but as I say it’s just not worth the effort to decipher. It happens and it persists so I just go with the cosmic universe’ demands in this particular case.

So, when I woke up it had been snowing for some time. Our entire woods was freshly frosted with a blanket of new snow. In the predawn light it looked oddly comforting, a thought I immediately sent to the mental shredder not to be recycled, but as a warning to my brain not to try that again!

I have learned better over the years, and now I know better.

But still…

I am reminded of the days of my youth and those times I’d choose not to get dressed and charge outside to play in the snow and build forts and have snow ball fights and go sledding and force each other to make snow angels; but instead I’d lounge in my warm bed and perhaps gaze at the motorcycle magazines I kept stacked beside it and day dream about riding motorcycles when the weather was more accommodating.

I do not imagine I am alone in that at all. If you are reading this, perhaps it is for the same kind of reason, so here are some ponderables to keep your embers going. Most of these will have links in them, just click the pic!

Timonium Motorcycle Show!

We will have a booth, stop by and say hi! I’m working on some drawings for give aways!

Twigg Cycles has this and other Specials right now! Click the photo to go to the home page, inexplicably it’s listed all the way at the bottom!

Dutrow’s Sales and Service is known to as a premier snowblower and generator outlet. Need one? Get one! 

Precision Cycle Works will get your bike ready for that first spring time ride! Do you know what I like about him? He answers the phone. Old school, works on and fixes bikes. 

Phil and Carla at Karma Cycles have got a good thing going. If you go in there, you’ll dig it. Hey, I even found a Betty Boop Hard leather over the shoulder (like a purse) Ditty Bag with Betty dressed like a biker chick in full color for the wifey!

And the shop is getting good reviews too. Phil knows what he is doing.

Of course Heyser Cycles can fit your needs. 53 years and going strong means something about meeting customers needs! And guess what? It’s going to be 54 years in March if I remember correctly!
Check this out! Complete package! It’s amazing!

Well, I just about can’t stand it myself. The brain wins. I’m getting suited up and hop on my own atv and go have some fun!