This morning I arose at the crack of 14°.

It seemed even the sun was as reluctant to struggle up over it’s horizon as I was reluctant to struggle up out of my bed. Nonetheless the sound of the furnace coming on yet again had wrenched me from my slumber as somewhere in the dark, damp depths of my psyche the alarm was struck and I could brook no denial. I had a choice to make.

Remain warm and cozy and comforted and cradled in what could now only be best described as a happily altered state or choose – on purpose! – to abandon this nest and don at least a minimum of protective garb and fling my unwilling and as yet not fully recovered from the actual Flu Type A self into the eternal loosing battle of warmth and comfort vs The Reigning and Forever Undefeated Champion…The Cold!
I flung.

The thought of having to pay homage to the Greatest Champion Ever in this arena was just too much. I envisioned myself pitifully shoveling my dollars into my little furnace huddled and shaking near the feet of this Frosty Giant as it leered down at me. My only recourse is to make use of the materials so generously supplied by my little patch of woodlands every year. I need warmth and money savings, the woods had needed another cleaning and pruning and some dying or dead trees taken down after the birds had moved out, it’s a good cycle.

Once outside I was really kind of struck by the morning. The sun had finally realized as I did that it was no use, there is a job afoot and had begun to lazily arise. The sky was that deep blue between night and day. The color that promises to be crystal blue in a few more moments if you’re still there to catch it.  When I see these mornings I am often put in mind of the song Crystal Blue Persuasion by Tommy James and the Shondels. Indeed I stood for a moment longer with the soundtrack going in my head as I perused the scene.

My breathing steadied, my eyes adjusted and there I was once again beginning my day at one with the rhythm of the cosmic universe as my guide.  There was no cold, only the moment. The tarps were covered in jagged icy frost reflecting the blue and the sun and they were positively sparkling in the moment. I mentally uploaded all this “to the cloud”, packed up a load of firewood and schlepped it inside. After stoking and feeding the wood stove I turned all the lights out and the house once again was quiet and void of the small sounds of my efforts. I stirred my first cup and replayed the Crystal Blue scene on the Imax in my head. I had made the right choice.

Speaking of choices, are you choosing to go to Timonium this year? It’s going to be like 3 days of my Crystal Blue moment! Just being there, taking it all in, living in the moments. It’s the kick off! This is where you jump start your season!

Here are some Coupons to help you out, courtesy of Motorcycle Times and!


Williamsburg Motorsports is doing the bus trip again this year, so if you live in southern Delaware, or near Denton, Md, Easton, Md and that territory give them a call. You just hop on the bus, Gus and let the driver do it all!

 Plus, As I said, I have a booth this year! Stop by to register for some giveaways and a Grand Prize!

Keep the faith! Let’s make this our best year ever for riding and doing what we do!