My good ship and crew of two set sail for this gathering of unique individuals over 3 months ago. Long range scanners indicated a strengthening in the Cosmic Universal Galactic Forces centering around this otherwise normal geographical location on old Earth.
It seems that as these highly evolved life forms draw closer to the event horizon, the Cosmic Universe begins applying copious amounts of Good Karma. Thus, as the ancient Honey Bee is drawn by the nectar of flowering plants so are these beings drawn by the various and sundry facets of interest wantonly on display within the event! There is something for every. Single. One. Who. Attends.

One need only utilize this Trans-Net Warp Link to view a preview of the spectacle.

Our mission, as always is to observe and document and promote the events provided by this society. To enhance and advance the nature of the experience. And to survive the after parties.

The shuttle is loaded with supplies, our festive garb is readied and navigation is laid in.

The final launch countdown to the biggest and best motorcycle event on the East Coast of America has begun!