Yesterday, the 17th of February, 2018 it began to snow heavily about 3pm here. I was expecting it, having checked the app on my phone. As the big flakes began to fall I was sort of mesmerized for a few moments, gazing vacantly out at the woods and thinking that at least for a little while the landscape would be pretty. There is a thing about woods and snow that has always grabbed me right by the imagination.
I’ve never known why, but I’ve had a minor inclination to go explore when it snows. Mayhaps I’ll discover a cabin with a stone fireplace and a rough timber rocking chair, or a lean-to and I’ll make a little fire and just sit and observe.
Or maybe as a child I read too many adventure novels and now as an adult I’ve been watching too many re-runs of various Alaskan shows. After all, it’s not that much of a hike through the woods to the next county block where there most certainly is not a deserted and welcoming cabin nor even a lean-to! More like a bunch of imitation Cape Cod style houses and SUV’s that rarely if ever venture off the pavement.
*SIGH* Oh well. I still have the moment all to myself.

This coming Friday the 23rd of February, 2018 is the Grand Opening of The Progressive International Motorcycle Show. This thought also causes my mind to wander. The mere thought of the sheer expanse of the place, it’s being filled with very nearly every single brand and style and type and purpose of motorcycle and accessory may well eclipse that romantic dream of a walk in the snowy woods. Plus, it’s warmer in the show than outside in the snow.
My friends at Williamsburg Motor Works have hired a Motor Coach and driver for one day to transport them to and fro and to stop at Red, Hot, and Blue on the way back. To me this seems like a great idea. You could click on the flyer and then give them a call to see if there are still any seats left.

One of the things I want to try to find at the show is information. I hope to talk to the manufacturer reps and ask them exactly what is going on in the business as concerns motorcycle sales. I  have read every kind of statistic and article out there I can find for the last two years and there is no doubt, the numbers are in. The entire financial system of our nation experienced a drop off immediately after the 2008 election and it was prolonged to the point that it is now referred to as a recession. Across the board, Toys took a big hit as a result. By toys, I mean motorcycles and such.
Now, we are looking at a possible recovery. I want to find out the expected and projected curve of increased sales. Why? There may not be a better time than now to buy a used or even new motorcycle and gear. As the economy recovers the potential for increased sales is likely and we all know that when things begin to sell, they get more expensive until demand levels out. I hope to be ahead of that uptick in demand and you should too.
By the way, I am not a financial advisor, never have been one and do not play one on tv either. Heck I’ve never even stayed in that hotel that makes you smarter. Maybe I’ll find one on one of my walks in the woods. I hope it has a fireplace and a rocker.