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This issue is a real treat for all you motocross fans. I landed a deal with Gary Semics to tell his story! It’s  about having a factory sponsorship and going to Europe to race against the absolute legends of the time. He raced against the “Unbeatable” Europeans on their own tracks. And he…well…you’ll just have to get the issues and read the series for yourself.

Yes! This is a series and it’s really interesting. Remember, this is the mid 1970’s. Motocross bikes were nearly 100% two strokes. They were just really getting some long travel suspension going – from a norm of 2.5″ to maybe 4″ travel to an amazing 6″ or 8″ at the time!

There were Maico’s, CZ’s, Husqvarna’s, Suzuki’s, Kawasaki’s, Honda’s, Greeve’s, Montessa’s, Ossa’s, Penton’s, Hodaka’s…even the British were still fielding some bikes…they had Triumph’s in exotic hand built, one-off frames, BSA, Royal Enfield, Norton, Matchless and others all mixed it up on any Sunday!

Powerbands were narrower than your wallet the week between paydays. Engines were temperamental and prone to seizing at the most frustrating moments, seats stopped at the gas tanks, and the tracks were outside in the real weather. It was nearly as hard to be a spectator as a racer.

The tracks were often little more than a “Hey that looks like it would be cool, lets send them down that hill, over that one and then make a blind hairpin where the mud wallow is.” And they put jumps at the ends of straights. Long straights. Then there would be a curve so close to where you landed that you often already had the brakes on before you landed. Your poor old-fashioned drum brakes would get so hot they smelled, or so wet they were useless.

It was amazingly fun.

And we have Gary Semic’s story.

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