The May/June Issue Will Be Out Soon!

I’m fresh off an all nighter and all day-er. Am I tired or what? The computer decided to freeze last night as I was just sitting down to review the finishing touches. Printer deadline was this morning! I immediately applied the full force of my computer repair skills by boxing it soundly upside it’s rectangular metal head.

That had little if any effect although I did feel better. So I regrouped and applied my emergency repair skills and pushed the off button. I suspected the anti malware had something to do with all this because prior to our boxing match it was really slow.¬†Anyway, I’ll spare you the details of the eternity of the many multiples of restarts, reboots and re-cursing the dang thing until I finally got it working again, lol!

So, I’m really excited about this issue and everything it has for you. Everyone worked hard to meet the deadline in spite of tax day, and I’m really proud of my little Motorcycle Times family. You’ll find something for everyone in this issue I hope!

Well, I’m going to hibernate very deeply and soundly – soundly meaning noisily – and so I will leave you with this video tease. It’s me doing a ride impression on something that is in this issue. Can you guess what it is?

Peace to the people!