Here at Motorcycle Times we were busily and happily working on the next issue, due out November 1st. That’s exciting in itself. Motorcycle Times has been feeding our grass roots readers and shops and dealers and other venues a steady diet of News and Reviews and Ride Impressions and Product Tests and Places to Ride To and even What To Eat When You Get Back ever since 1988. That’s 30+ years of cultivating our grass roots and we just that it’s been our turn for some time now. We love it. It’s exciting!

Well it got A LOT more exciting when I had a phone call from the owner of Jam On Productions, the producer of the biggest, the best and the most fun INTERNATIONAL MOTORCYCLE SHOWS and the best, the biggest and the most fun SWAP MEETS ever and everywhere!

The man himself told me the Timonium show is back on!

Look for the add in this issue for more information!

Now that’s exciting news!