Whether you will choose to go to the Timonium show or the D.C. show this is just the break you need! Of course I have to go to BOTH SHOWS! Hey, it’s part of my duties, darn it.
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For me, the most exciting thing is going to be the Timonium Swap Meet! JamOn Productions, in their infinite wisdom knew it had to be brought back, and they did it! I’ve been going to this show since the early days, when it was in the old livestock buildings (if I remember right) and it was really just a swap meet with some bikes for sale and a few in a “show”…and I fell in love with the whole thing way back then.
You see, I’m a grassroots kind of motorcyclist. I really dig getting to see what’s been lurking under work benches, in boxes on shelves and attics and otherwise carefully horded away until the day comes when the cosmic universe decrees There Shalt Be A New Owner Of This!
Sometimes I’m even lucky enough to witness the transaction as the heretofore missing part with all the correct markings exchanges hands. I swear, if you watch closely, sometimes there truly is something more happening than just cash and a part shoved across the way.
Yeah, I dig it. I like seeing everything from Honda Mini’s to Yankee’s to Rokon’s to Maico’s all in one place and up for grabs!
Meanwhile in another building not far away, it’s just a few steps really…is a different thing going on. This is more polished and enticing in it’s own way! Dealers and Vendors all putting their best efforts out there, showcasing all the new STUFF! Helmets to Boots, and every piece in between – even some things that go UNDER the in between! Tires, exhaust, grips, seats, patches…yes. I would say you do in fact have a plethora of choices there (obscure movie reference) and you’ll just have to see it all!

The IMS in Washington D.C. is equally exciting, but certainly in it’s own way. This is our national capitol, the city of money, big money. And so it’s only fitting for this show to be in the prestigious Convention Center. The big name manufacturers and vendors will have their best efforts on display too, and there will be something for everyone too.

I’m keeping an open mind as I cover both events. Each is worthy by far, and yet so unique by comparison as to not be comparable. I do not know if I will be able to pick a “best one” but I’m trusting it will show in the words and pictures I put together for you. Then you can make your own choice for next year.

If you can’t decide right now, go to both. Or flip a coin. Or go to the one closest to you. Or go to the one farthest. But do not stay home. You won’t enjoy not going.