David “Davey” Johnson, 44 years old, an experienced motorcyclist was testing a Honda CB1000R for Motorcyclist magazine in the Sierra Nevada area when he went missing.

He had spent the weekend in Las Vegas with his girlfriend then was riding through the Sonora Pass the last anyone knew. He did send a couple texts so people were expecting him. When it became evident he was very late they began looking for him and an official search was launched.

His motorcycle, helmet and gloves (?) were found first, according to our research and sources, in a rest stop in Calaveras County by Deputies shortly after the search had been expanded from Sacramento County. Soon after his laptop and phone and backpack were found by the Mokelumne River.

These are the “known” facts as we here at Motorcycle Times have been able to confirm. Of course there is much speculation of the general kind plus some other “facts” we purposefully omitted due to their sensitive nature or even unreliable (unconfirmed) nature. For example, search dogs were/are being used but the results we are hearing are unconfirmed at this time, other than some of his items were found by the river and the dogs alerted there.

For more as it develops, stay tuned and of course if you do a quick Google search you will get a couple dozen returns to filter for yourself.

Meanwhile, let us all join together in prayer or good cosmic energy or lighting candles and chanting or whatever and however it may be done for you, in order to focus all our thoughts and energies toward a good and happy and safe outcome for Davey and his friends and family and the teams looking for him.

We can join together and ask this of our infinite cosmic universe for his safe return.