As far back as I can remember the 4th Of July has been a special time of wonderment to me. Shortly after school let out for the summer (YAY!) along comes the 4th and really shakes things up!

As the days ticked by and the old urban legends made their rounds about fingers blown off and teenagers making out in a car down in the pits and getting attacked by trolls and yes, even the hitch hiking ghost boy and the pirate’s hook found later on a car door handle, it all served to add momentum to the long wait. Then finally we’d be packing up a bunch of stuff and piling in the car and driving downtown to the Capitol for the fireworks.

It was a simpler time, I’ll admit. No street lights. Playing tag or football until you just couldn’t see anymore. And there would be cook outs, fireworks and those little parking lot carnivals….it seemed to me that this was when summer just couldn’t take it anymore and busted wide open in all its glory

It was a magical time. I’m sure that however you celebrated it was for you too.

So this year, how do you plan to recapture that magic?