Last year in general the weather here on the Eastern Shore prevented me from riding as much as I’d like.

Typically I would take one of my bikes to get wherever I needed to be. But no. There was frost on the roads in the morning or it was raining or soon would be or it was just way to hot for me.

This year I’m determined to ride as much as I can.

I’m shifting my focus back to two wheels with four wheels as back up instead of the other way around!

Peter Frampton asked what may be the universal question…”Do You Feel Like I Do?”

Now I’m asking you.

Do you?

Are you riding every time you have the chance?

Do people wonder why you didn’t ride your bike when you arrive?

If you feel like I do leave the cage home as much as possible – maybe even more!

So, tell us where your next ride will take you, even it’s just off to work.

For some of us, even that is a goal!