So we’re on our way to the Dragons Head and it’s about 1:30 in the afternoon and we’re about to roll past Madison, VA when I spy a sign for food.

So we detour into Madison and stop at the pizza shop. Walking up it made a good if modest impression, which is fine with me.

I’ve enjoyed some of the best food and deserts and camaraderie in such locals. Little did we know today we found another, and it’s the one that my taste buds still remember.

It’s just past midnight as I write this and I can recall the wonderful blend of flavors upon my tastebuds as if I have just savored the last bite!

If you’re running down through Virginia you must take a moment and consider a stop at Jenny Lynd’s Pizza. Crystal, the uncrowned chef who lists being a Disney chef among her credentials will make you a delicious repast.