The event was slated for 10 am, the weather was cool and almost chilly and perfect for my hour and a half ride. So of course I arrived fashionably late for the 2019 Biketoberfest and Motorcycle Show at Karma Cycles in Cambridge Md. The truth is, I have so many things going on it’s hard to get to all of them plus there were a couple side roads I wanted to check out. But I really wanted to make it to Biketoberfest right on RT 50 in Cambridge, MD because Karma Cycles has been steadily growing their events. They are making real progress as more and more riders find out about them. Be sure to help spread the word.

It was right around 11 am when I rolled in and I had to wait a few moments as the bikes ahead of me were directed to the parking lot spots. It was already busy and hopping with the DJ jammin some David Allen Coe! Plus it was one of my favorites, “You Never Even Called Me By My Name”…I’ll bet you just sang that as you read it!

There was food on the side, a swap meet out back (shoulda been out front) and they were lining up for the bike show. The place was happening. I parked the SOFA and stepped off to observe.

I made my way through the crowd and noted everyone was talking and laughing and generally having a good time. sometimes it takes a while for an event to warm up, but the 2019 Biketoberfest and Motorcycle Show at Karma Cycles in Cambridge Md was already there and it was just barely opened up! I wanted to get inside and say hi to Phil and Carla (the owners) but once I did get inside there was a lot of shopping going on too! I figured I’d probably just get to nod at them, but Carla spotted me and flashed a smile so I made my way on over. Carla graciously took a few minutes to chat and introduce me to her Mom, Sandie and also let me play Mr Obvious by telling them how good things were going. Duh.
Phil walked by with a dude and he was talking shop so I just figured I’d catch him later; which I did; and then he and I went back inside and he snapped these pics for me. You can see the showroom was busy.

There was a bike show getting set up outside so I went back out and while I was circulating I found that the parking lot was a bike show in itself. This often happens at the better events as some really cool bikes are ridden in but for some reason not entered in the show. So I wandered around and took some more pictures.

So I’m wandering around admiring the scoots and sleds when I notice they’re doing a door prize. I already gave my ticket away to some random dude, but I was curious and so I found out they had these drawstring backpacks with all sorts of goodies in them. I mean stuff like an Ultra Plush Microfiber Towel, helmet sticker and bumper sticker, lip balm, flydanna, Halloween Goodies, a can coozie, key ring, a 2oz bottle of F-11 or helmet fresh or helmet cleaner or chilly towel…why oh why did I give my ticket away?

The real prizes were the trophy’s for the bike show. Really cool Crystal Plaques for 1st through 3rd. It was an open show and the crowd was the judge.

1st place went to Bernie Hajek Sr.  of Hajek Kustoms and his ’08 Wideglide Springer.

2ND Place went to Chad Edmonson from right there in Cambridge.

My apologies, only a couple of the pictures turned out.

3RD Place went to Eddie Le Compte

So all in all, everyone had a great time. Next year will be even better so be sure to set your reminders and mark it on your calendars.

Phil and Carla wanted me to be sure to thank everyone who helped make this a success. They thank everyone who attended whether they were working or just there for the party. It was a good time and a good way to spend a day with other people who like these events and motorcycles and the camaraderie that comes with it all. Check them out on their Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/Karmacycles/