Friday, December 13 2019

The Number 13. Both famed and infamous the combination of these two numerals in this Lucky 13 Watch particular order represent either a dire warning from the cosmos and realms beyond ours or extreme moments of good fortune and tidings. Or possibly neither.

Down through the centuries the Number 13 has been associated with so many events on either side of the fortune card it has managed to maintain its extreme mystique. Number 13 had simply refused to be defined, preferring instead to remain evaluated and perhaps elevated in the particular eye of the beholder – if it can even be said to have a preference at all.

Personally, I’ve never had any memorable experiences with Number 13 one way or the other, and that is also an interesting facet of this jewel of a number. Many are the people who have never been influenced by it, perhaps even more than those who claim this dubious distinction…but then who is to say it just didn’t just go unnoticed?

The Number 13 on a patch, medallion or ring may be understood to mean “marijuana” or other “M” named drugs…or just “Motorcycle” or really any thing at all beginning with the letter “M” because it is the 13th letter of the alphabet. But here again, the 13’s fame outreaches the other letters because you just don’t see that many numerology representations of the other letters. Like the number 9 for example. Although The Beetles had a small penchant for it you don’t that many patches and rings with the number 9 on them to represent the letter “I”…no, the number nine is just most often simply the number 9. And in it’s own way represents it’s own things in a much narrower scope than the almighty number 13.

Speaking of the Almighty, the Number 13 can be found in the Bible too. According to the Bible, the Number 13 designation can be interpreted as sign or symbol of rebellion. The first mention of 13 in the Bible is associated with man’s rebellion and you can look it up inĀ  Genesis 14:4 where a people rebelled against their king. Furthermore, in the Bible the number is a symbol of all governments man created that Satan inspired and uses to rule.

And now, having illuminated the Number 13’s scope from mere superstition to ancient established religion I’ll leave you with this parting thought…through no purposeful will of my own while typing this out I see that I have used the mystical number the magical number of times.