Editor’s Note: this is a very unusual post for Motorcycle Times. I’m sure it’s very unusual for Kia too. We always try to be positive and just share the news and events, and I must say that I’ve never before seen such a bad Kia ad. However, once in a while someone just hits the ball right out of the Stupidity Arena like Kia just did. When they do and if it affects motorcyclists in a bad way you can be sure to read about it here. Thankfully, as i said this is pretty rare for any business including Kia, but even so this add almost requires us all to call Kia Customer Relations and demand the ad be pulled worldwide.


Kia ad shows car driver attempting to run motorcyclist off the road. And he’s happy with himself about it.

Story by AMANDA QUICK JUNE 10, 2021 as seen on Web Bike World

You have to see it to believe it.

This story crossed my desk late last night. I had to sleep on it in order to be able write in a civilized manner about it this morning. It’s not graphic or gory but it is infuriating. Kia’s customer Relations people need to pull this ad world wide.

This story’s author is Amanda Quick and the story is on Web Bike World. You can watch the video and read it here: Kia Advert Humiliates Safety Code Between Drivers And Riders

I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether to call Kia or not.