Read about the all new Harley Sportster 1250S, get all the latest news from Husqvarna, GasGas, MotoAmerica, Lucal Oil Racing, GNCC Racing, Monster Energy AMA Supercross and so much more!

Well, it’s kind of difficult to know just where begin describing this issue, but I suppose I can start with Jack Applebaum’s Column “Black Cloud” because for the last several months this magazine has been facing a black cloud of it’s own due to sudden and inexplicable internet issues. However, just as with all black clouds the trouble cleared up and we are getting back in the groove.

Speaking of The Groove, the all new 2021 Harley Davidson Sportster 1250S has me grooving. With a wet weight of just 502 pounds and 120 horsepower this should be a real fun ride. It’s long enough to stretch out on with an overall length of nearly 90 inches it should not be cramped at all. The steering geometry is moderate too, A 30 degree rake in the steering head and the 28 degree fork angle produce trail of 5.8 inches. coupled with the nearly 60 inch wheelbase It should be very stable at most any speed, yet be able to hang in there in the corners as well or better than any sport cruiser. Oh, and did I mention the respectable power to weight ratio? It’s about 4.2 pounds to a horsepower. While this is not showroom superbike territory, it’s not far off for some of them. And anyway, it’s not a superbike. It’s a cruiser.

The AMA wants all it’s members to know that voting for the Hall Of Fame nominee’s is now open and the event will be in October. If you’re not a member of the AMA, why not? Besides all the discounts you’ll be supporting just about the only group with the knowledge and resources to continually fight back against our own government which has at times been sort of hostile toward motorcycles and motorcyclists. Unless you’re going to defend your right to ride all by yourself, join the AMA today.

Husqvarna sent us another installment of The Good Old Times Blog and it’s always interesting to spend a few minutes reading about racing motorcycles when helmets were made of leather and suspension was 3 inches! Those racers were crazy insane. It’s neat to read about that.

David Duford from New Hampshire sent us a poem about working on a bike. He really captures the entire scene with his words. One of my simple pleasure is finding and restoring old motorcycles. Sometimes I’ve done full nut and bolt restorations and others just get them running and operating properly, clean them up as best as possible and pass them on into a new life. This poem puts you there.

Of course, we have published the other press releases and news we received from the manufacturer’s and their race teams. There were over 100 news items submitted for this issue. If you don’t see your team or brand here, let us know and we’ll try to get on their press release list if they have one.

Well, I’m happy the internet issues seem to be worked out. The internet magazine is published and the Desktop Version will be out later today or tomorrow. We hope you enjoy it!