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September 2021

A Poem By Pedro Martinez

The wind from the ride , helps you put your bullshit aside

It’s the greatest thing to keep your thoughts Aligned.

And where one can rewind also Keeps temptation blind

Same place you could by happy and the place to cry.

It’s only you and the road , so no need for lies .

Once she opens up , oh yes ! She will fly .

Just treat her right, she’ll bring you home tonight .

Despite your any of your fights she’ll always bring you to light.

Weather you like her dark or bright there’s always risk of flight. just grip her tight She’ll bring you where no one is in sight.

The Winding roads is where she loves to go . No matter the weather, the winds will blow.

Everywhere she goes, she always puts on a show.

Always remember you only live one life , so let it flow.

Written by

P.M. Skiez

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