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PRESS RELEASE – ACEM presents Vision 2030 +, its vision of the future of motorcycling in Europe, for 2030 and beyond

Brussels, 17 November 2021

PRESS RELEASE – ACEM presents Vision 2030 +, its vision of the future of motorcycling in Europe, for 2030 and beyond

The European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM) hosted an online conference today at the occasion of the launch of its Vision 2030+, a set of strategic documents that outline the vision of the motorcycle industry for the future of motorcycling in Europe.

During the event, senior industry leaders and policy-makers from the European Parliament and the European Commission, the International Transport Forum and the World Health Organisation, discussed key issues for the future of motorcycling, such as the progressive decarbonisation of two-wheelers through electric propulsion and e-fuels, environmental performance improvements  and ongoing efforts to further enhance motorcycling safety.

The speakers also touched upon the importance of sustainable economic growth for all, of standardisation and of cross-industry cooperation in platforms such as the Swappable Batteries Consortium and the Connected Motorcycle Consortium. Major European initiatives such as the Fit for 55 package, the future Regulation on the deployment of alternative fuels, the EU Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, the coming Urban Mobility package were also part of the discussions.

Moderated by Aled Walker, “Future of Mobility” Leader at Deloitte, the online event attracted more than 900 people from 40 countries across the world. Participants were given the opportunity to engage in a live and open discussion with the panellists, using the #ACEMVision hashtag.

A recorded video of the event will be available in the coming days on the ACEM YouTube channel.


ACEM Vice-President and Head of BMW Motorcycles, Dr. Markus Schramm:

“The Vision 2030+ that we are presenting today is the result of a long-term reflection at the highest levels of the European motorcycle industry. Vision 2030+ is about the future of mobility but also about the valuable contribution our industry can make to help Europe achieve its goals in areas such as industrial policy, decarbonisation and road safety”.

ACEM Secretary General, Antonio Perlot:

“Through this Vision 2030+, the motorcycle industry is gearing up to be a part of tomorrow’s European transport system, with advanced and increasingly sustainable products meeting different societal needs, such as personal mobility, leisure and last mile deliveries. Recognition and support by policymakers will be key to turn it into reality”.

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