2022 YAMAHA YZ125
2022 YAMAHA YZ125

The new Yamaha 2022 YZ125. More powerful, more capable, more advanced. Offering the ideal blend of performance, reliability and usability to develop the skills to win.

The new Yamaha 2022 YZ125. More powerful, more capable, more advanced. Offering the ideal blend of performance, reliability and usability to develop the skills to win.



  • Two-Stroke Power
  • A new 125cc reed-valve-inducted two-stroke engine produces better acceleration and improved mid-to high-rpm power.
  • Lightweight Frame
  • Race-proven, highly developed aluminum semi-double cradle frame is engineered to provide just the right amount of strength and flex for the perfect balance of stability and cornering performance.
  • New High Performance Braking System
  • The newly designed front and rear brake setup offer exceptional braking power and feel, while reducing unsprung weight.
  • Rider-Friendly Chassis
  • Lightweight finely tuned chassis means nimble handling, more control and less rider fatigue—the ideal platform for advancing skills and gaining confidence.
  • Perfect for Aspiring Motocrossers
  • A pure motocross machine, the light, nimble, competition-ready YZ125 is the perfect choice for riders stepping up from the 85cc class.

NEW FOR 2022

  • Powerful New YZ125 Engine
  • A completely redesigned liquid-cooled 125cc two-stroke engine boasts increases to mid- and top-end power over the 2021 model.
  • New Brake System
  • To match increased engine performance, an updated lightweight braking system features larger front pistons, a more rigid caliper, a redesigned 270mm front rotor with a 30% increase in pad contact area and higher friction pad material, all combining to provide exceptional braking power and feel. The redesigned rear rotor maintains the same braking power while dropping outer diameter from 245mm to 240mm, further reducing unsprung weight with no compromise on performance.
  • Improved Rider Ergonomics
  • A new flatter seat and more narrow fuel tank design, along with smoothly integrated body panels and slimmer shroud width combine to enable greater freedom of movement forward and back, allowing the rider to easily shift body weight for increased control and confidence.
  • Revised Suspension Damping
  • Taking the YZ125’s class-defining suspension and handling characteristics to a new level, front and rear suspension has been revised to further improve bump absorption and cornering performance. KYB® inverted front fork now includes a leaf spring in the mid-speed valve for increased performance and comfort.
  • Improved Fueling
  • New high-precision Hitachi Astemo® Keihin PWK38S carburetor features a power jet, throttle position sensor and 3D-map-controlled CDI unit for precise ignition timing. The result is clean, crisp throttle response, superior rideability and excellent over-rev character.
  • New Air Intake Design
  • Updated intake design allows for a straighter, more efficient draw of air into the intake tract.
  • New, Modern YZ Styling
  • Slimmer, more aggressive bodywork including new front and rear fender design, slimmer body panels and new radiator shrouds all integrate with a bold new graphics scheme to highlight the YZ’s unmatched racing pedigree. Premium Yamaha Blue and dark blue graphics are now embedded to provide excellent durability and scratch resistance.


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