2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Pro Lucerne Blue
2022 Tiger 1200 GT Pro Lucerne Blue

The all-new Tiger generation. Built for all roads.
Built for adventure. Built to Conquer.

With the launch of the all-new Tiger 1200 generation Triumph once again set its sights on raising the bar and resetting the benchmark in the large capacity adventure world. With a new line-up that represents nothing less than a complete transformation in weight, handling, triple-powered performance, character and Tiger style it appears Triumph has done it.

The all-new Tiger 1200 GT family has been engineered to become the benchmark in large-capacity road-focused adventure motorcycles. With all-new specifications, performance and technology to match, including an innovation in Blind Spot Radar technology on both Explorers, Triumph has achieved the mark.

The two Rally machines truly live up to their name with genuine off-road capability plus all-road focus courtesy of their new 21” tubeless spoked front wheel and a chassis designed for the toughest terrain. For those really looking to go the distance and take on the world an Explorer version of both the GT and the Rally adds a further 50% of riding range with a 30-liter (7.92 gal) tank capacity. With this much fuel on board almost any destination is yours to choose.

Tiger History

When the first modern Tiger hit the streets in 2010, it ignited the passions of a new generation of adventure riders and created a new bloodline of triple-powered machines that have gone on to define the middleweight adventure motorcycle category and set the benchmark for handling, character, quality and all-round riding capability.

With the launch of the award-winning Tiger 900 in 2019, Triumph redefined what ‘great’ looks like and rides like, with the innovative new T-plane triple engine and a revolution in handling.

Obviously, handling, comfort and performance are a huge part of the Tiger success story. When you ride this new generation you’ll know immediately that it has that “just right” feeling, and that it handles in a way that a large capacity Tiger has never done before. With a narrower fuel tank shaped for more confident footing and an ideal riding position, together with a low center of gravity the Tiger 1200 is equally at home threading through the rush hour traffic as it is tackling motorway miles and remote trails.

2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 GT


The ultimate road-focused adventure ride. Transcontinental capability, with a transformation in performance and style.

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2022 Triumph Tiger Rally


Built for all roads. The all-new globe-busting, desert crossing, mountain-conquering adventure champion.

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2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer


Sophistication with strength. Setting a new standard, the new 7.9 gallon tank Rally Explorer is built for the big adventure.

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