Happy New Year Fireworks Photo


Happy New Year! Those words mean different things to different people. For many, it’s a mythical time to start over with renewed hope. For the new year is full of hope for improvement in their lives, careers, social life, relationships, recreation…whatever the thig may be.

I am no different. I was probably about 8 or 9 years old when I realized the adults in the room were talking about vows they were making to themselves and each other to do better and be better. This started me thinking about such matters, but since I was just a kid my vows simply focused on staying out of trouble with the parents and school and friends.

Oh, and continuing to try to earn the money for my first minibike since I had recently realized that was my very best chance.

As the years passed and I celebrated with friends on our own, the resolutions were often more spiritual then materialistic and those I largely kept to myself. Sure I made all the usual ones, achieve more at work, blah blah blah…and many of the resolutions were kept and achieved through the years. Some I could not make happen. Yet the hope of the new year always won me over during the week after Christmas and would find myself deep in thought about the years past and the year to come.

Here we are in the first day of the year 2022. Though we are now beginning the twenty second year of the New Millennium and even though we are not riding flying motorcycles or cars, do not own laser shotguns or even personal servant robots as we had all been promised since the early 50’s, I’m still full of hope.

In fact my hope for this year is pretty simple. I hope This whole pandemic thingy gets under control once and for all, no matter which side you are on or what your perspective may be. Let’s face it. It just needs to get solved. I mean there were about a dozen deadly diseases that medical scientists cured as early as 80 years ago, and some only 60 years ago. Yet just imagine the tech we have at their disposal now, in the second decade of the new millennium!

Yes, this needs to be solved.

I’m full of hope for the economy too. Everybody in the world does better when the world’s economy is doing better. Obviously, here at home in the USA the same rule applies to us. When our economy does better so do we. we are the engine that drives the economy, after all. When we are enjoying the fruits of our labors we’re doing better. It’s that simple. and so I’m hoping for us all to do better.

I’m full of hope for peace and love. It’s not just our nation. This division id rooting all over. I’m not willing to get into the causes whether real or imagined, here in this blog. I’m just saying that world wide peace and love is way better than what we’re seeing on the news lately. so I’m just brimming over with hope for that too.

So happy new year to you and may all your hopes for this trip around the sun be fruitful within the next 364 days!