MIC: March 9, 2022 – We’re Getting More Butts On Seats

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Q&A With Cinnamon Kernes

Ride With Us, the MIC’s multifaceted market expansion program, heads into its second year, having inspired more than 2.3 million potential new riders through social media and putting more than 700 people on motorcycles for their first time through its Moto Intro experiences in 2021.

Moto Intros launched in 2021 in Texas then started a run with Progressive IMS Outdoors just outside San Francisco, plus Colorado, Chicagoland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia – later collaborating with Overland Expo as well – with hundreds across the country enjoying first rides with the help of Motorcycle Safety Foundation certified coaches. While all were held in closed areas, some Moto Intros were on pavement and some were on dirt. In addition, Ride With Us maintained connection with Moto Intro guests while promoting its website and conducting social media efforts that generated millions of impressions and thousands of engagements.

Cinnamon Kernes, MIC vice president of market expansion, spoke about Ride With Us plans for 2022.

Q: What are the major goals for Ride With Us this year?

Kernes: “Our goals are ambitious. While we plan to connect with millions of potential new riders directly through our Ride With Us campaign and Moto Intros, the first-ride experiences, we know there is a need for more information and resources for new and returning riders. The social campaign focused on lifestyle and culture rather than machines, and if existing riders haven’t seen it come up in their feeds, that’s on purpose – we are targeting non-riders who wouldn’t necessarily be served moto content. One of our top priorities is creating the online portal that will provide future riders all the information, inspiration, insights, resources, and next steps needed to become a motorcyclist. Most of the information is already out there but it’s fragmented and can be hard to find. Our goal is to make the journey of becoming a rider as easy as possible.”

For more information, or if you’re interested in getting involved with the MIC’s Ride With Us program or the Moto Intro experiences specifically, please contact Cinnamon Kernes.

Q: What about more industry involvement?

Kernes: “We must get the industry involved. There will be a concerted, strategic effort in working with dealers to get them more engaged and to provide them with resources that will help them connect with potential riders in a different way than they have in the past. I’ve said that dealers are the front line, the first responders. If a new rider doesn’t have the right experience when they walk into a dealership, that shop didn’t just lose business, our entire industry just lost a customer.”

Q: How can dealers participate in Ride With Us?

Kernes: “Dealers are one of – if not the most – important players when it comes to growing our industry. We have several programs we’ll be pilot testing with MIC dealer members over the next few months. These include ways to turn a store into a certified Ride With Us dealership that will help connect them with potential new riders, as well as a separate program that would allow dealers and retailers an opportunity to offer their own Ride With Us Moto Intros whenever they wanted. We will also continue to provide lifestyle and community messaging that can be shared on social channels. And we want to work with dealers to make sure they stay connected with the new riders and customers who purchased motorcycles over the last 18 months. We need to ensure these new riders become completely integrated into the moto life, and not just become the next lifetime rider, but a lifetime ambassador of our sport.”

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