Mirrors: by Jack Applebaum It’s not about what we do, what we ride, how we look, or what we wear.



By Jack Applebaum

“Why do Harley’s have mirrors?  So you can see how cool you look while riding one.”  That joke came to my mind as I was reading this article: 

Sexy, Rich People: You Should Feel Bad for Them – Study: Earning more money seemed to make recent graduates anxious and depressed, while those who had strong relationships were happiest.” (from an article in HEALTH Magazine)

The article summarized the problem as this: 

What it means:  Why don’t seemingly desirable goals like wealth and beauty pay off as expected?  Perhaps because they distract people from more rewarding pursuits.  When you get too focused on the American dream – goals of being rich, famous, and beautiful – you start ignoring spending time in meaningful relationships, ignoring paying attention to yourself and growing as a human being, ignoring ways in which you could volunteer and give back to the community… Not that it’s bad to be ambitious or to work hard to succeed.  But this study implies that it’s unrealistic to expect that kind of success to make you happy.”

So, back to the joke.  It’s funny to me as vanity overcomes the proper use of the mirrors.  If you stare at the mirrors too long, you’ll crash.  The imagery is, to me, ridiculous, yet, metaphorically speaking, that’s exactly what seems to be happening to many people who are focused on the worldly goals of wealth and beauty instead of what’s really important in life – a meaningful relationship.  They are, in effect, crashing.

I certainly don’t have all the facts, but I tend to infer the following from the information available. Years ago, two famous people passed nearly at the same time.  Farrah Fawcett died.  Michael Jackson crashed. 

When we ride for the Lord, we begin to understand the importance of a meaningful relationship with Christ.  That is what sets Christianity apart from religion.  It’s not about what we do, what we ride, how we look, or what we wear.  It’s about whom we know – Jesus.  No joke.

IHS,  Jack

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