Message from AMA about Memorial Day 2021

American Motorcyclist Association recognizes those who died in service to their country Memorial Day 2021 honored by American Motorcyclist Association, is also a time to be extra cautious on nation’s roadways Editor's Note: Please take a moment to read the following message from the AMA and reflect upon the sacrifices [...]

Motorcycle Times Happy Thanksgiving 2019

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! This has been a year full of surprises and I'm grateful for the challenges presented. I'm grateful for everyone who reads Motorcycle Times; although I'm sad we had to stop printing and focus only on the internet. But I'm grateful for progress too. [...]

How Do You Plan To Celebrate The 4th Of July?

As far back as I can remember the 4th Of July has been a special time of wonderment to me. Shortly after school let out for the summer (YAY!) along comes the 4th and really shakes things up! As the days ticked by and the old urban legends made their [...]


9-11-2001 The Day The Twin Towers Fell 9-11-2001. I watched it live on TV and the internet. I was just following my usual morning habits that day and so I had the TV on as I poured myself another cup of coffee. I was shocked when the broadcast was [...]