John Collins Restored 1984 Suzuki RM 125

John Collins RM 125

Hi my name is John Collins. I’ve just finished a build that i thought you guys might like to see. It’s a 1984 Suzuki RM 125

A friend of mine had a 1984 RM 125 that he bought new. He rode it for several years then it was just left in his shed and sort of went to waste for over 20 years. Just a few weeks ago my old friend gave me a call and said he’s having a clear up around the yard and asked me “would you like to buy that RM off me?” Since it was just sitting there and had never been ridden again and I was feeling sorry for it I bought it from him and took it home.

There were a lot of better bikes around at that time, but I remember seeing my dad’s friend pulling this 1984 RM out of the back of his van. One day he started it up and looked at me and said go ahead, get on, but take it easy.

Looking at the bike back then it was a monster to me. I was a bag of nerves but loving bikes so much my adrenalin took over and I jumped on and away I went! 1st and 2nd gear then the front wheel came up on me and shook me up a little, but I carried on for about a half an hour.

Later, I got the feel of that bike and I was soon tearing the track up or so I thought I was!! And that is where it all started for me. On that 1984 RM125 Full Floater. I had a similar poster to this on my bedroom wall back then when I was a kid. My dream bike!  

1984 Suzuki RM 125 wall poster

Years went by. I had owned and ridden a lot of bikes, but that memory stayed with me always. So I took a trip over there opened the shed door to see this bike that I loved so much tucked up in the corner. A complete mess it was but we agreed on a price and I then started to dig this bike out and took her home. I put it up on the stand and that was when I realized it was really in a bad way.


The reality hit me to see what a real state this bike was in. So, I got my tools out and away I went. Spending hours upon hours in my garage, determined to get this bike to the standard I remembered and wanted it to be once again.

1984 Suzuki RM 125 all apart

I was determined to give this bike a second life and so the build began. Hours upon hours each night stripping down and cleaning and trying save what parts I could. I wanted to keep it as original as possible.
I got so stuck into it. My wife would call and say are you coming to bed its past midnight! I thought to myself I will in a minute, but that minute always seemed to turn into another hour. 3 weeks later I got all the final touches finished and gave it a dust off with a polish rag and took a step back and paused for a moment to think… this was the bike that started the passion for bikes for me as I ran the polishing rag over it. I took a step back to see the bike I fell in love with as a kid and had now restored. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I do.