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 Motorcycle Times December 2019 Feature Articles

Colonial Beach Bike Fest, Colonial Beach, Virginia

My band Stübentiger and I were recently booked to kick off the 6th Annual Colonial Beach Bike fest (CBBF), and traveled the four hours out, late Wednesday night. Only being six years in, the CBBF already has become a formidable tradition on the East Coast. For one weekend in October, the little town of Colonial Beach, population just over 3500, is absolutely overrun by over 20,000 bikers.

A motorcyclist myself, I was stoked to land the gig. We played rock songs ranging from the 80’s to today. The mix of old and new fit in perfectly with the setting of the event. I spent some time hanging out in the Indian Motorcycle tent, where my new friend Quincy (best salesman ever, in case you were wondering) was proudly displaying Heritage Chieftains, relying heavily on the classic look and appeal, alongside the new FTR’s and Scout Bobbers. The screaming of electric guitars, and the thundering of bikes blended perfectly into a badass soundtrack befitting the crowd of rogues and vagabonds that we were honored to walk among and play for.

Familiar names and brands from the world-renowned Sturgis Bike Rally, including the famous Full Throttle Saloon, came all the way out to this little town nestled alongside the historic Potomac River to contribute to the festivities. Along with a few classics, local booths whose owners have only dreamed of getting to Sturgis, held their own with their own contributions for the leather-clad attendees. Hand painted gas tanks, every kind of patch you can imagine, boots, jackets, vests, rings, and food ranging from fresh seafood to funnel cakes all scattered along the board walk just feet away from the water.

The combination of both new and old, established, and fledgling, sent an unexpected message. We honor, and hold true to the traditions that shape our culture, but that doesn’t mean we are done creating new ones. Our love of ACDC doesn’t take away from our love of the Foo Fighters, and our acceptance of The Offspring as a new classic in no way negates our admiration for Aerosmith. We will always keep Sturgis, Sturgis, but the heyday for bikers is far from over. We are still creating, we are still evolving, and most importantly we are still riding.

Put Colonial Beach Bike Week on your long and ever-growing list of must see biker destinations. Looking forward to seeing you at number 7.  Ashur

 ‘Hasty Flaming Buffalo’ Built By Luuc Muis Revealed At Bigtwin Bikeshow

 BENELUX (November 13, 2019) – Indian Motorcycle Benelux revealed the winning ‘Project Scout Bobber’ contest build at the Bigtwin Bikeshow and Expo earlier this month. ‘Hasty Flaming Buffalo’, by Dutch designer Luuc Muis of LM Creations, is a beautifully elegant blend of modern technology and the classic lines of a 1910 Indian board-track racer.

Open to amateur and professional builders from across the region, the Indian Motorcycle Custom Contest: ‘Project Scout Bobber’ saw three finalists chosen by a professional jury put forward to a public Facebook vote. Luuc’s design proved so popular that he became the clear leader with over 54% of the votes and won the opportunity to create his unique vision.

Luuc’s design for ‘Hasty Flaming Buffalo’ draws on the rich and successful history of Indian Motorcycle racing, particularly the board track racers of the early 1900s. With their innovative designs, Indian Motorcycle had a big technological advantage at the Motordromes, the timber board tracks appearing all over America at the time, and riders like Jake de Rosier became household names for their feats on these risky circuits.

“As an industrial product designer, this contest was something I had to enter. I wanted to explore the idea that, if over 100 years of motorcycling, materials and techniques had developed but visual design hadn’t, what would that look like,” says Luuc. “To be told that my design had won, and I now had the opportunity to explore the concept fully was both really exciting but also quite intimidating, especially with the short deadline to complete the build.”

Announced as the winner in the middle of June, Luuc had just 20 weeks to turn his design into reality for the November 1st unveiling, the opening day of the BigTwin Expo. With just the engine and axles retained from the original Scout Bobber, completing the build alongside working his normal day job meant many late nights to stay on schedule.

Blending his 2D design with a 3D scan of the Scout Bobber engine to refine his frame design, Luuc constructed the frame from aluminium tubing and parts machined in aluminium by Scheffers Engineering in Norway. The gorgeous handmade tank also forms part of the frame and houses the airbox and electronic components to achieve the clean minimalist look inspired by the early Indian Motorcycle board track racers.

Luuc was able attract great partners to the project and Hasty Flaming Buffalo benefits from exceptional bespoke parts including:

  • Bespoke exhaust system by Akrapovic
  • CeraCarbon Racing full carbon forks with diamond cut ceramic tubes
  • One-off wheel rims by JSR Service
  • Moto-Master Brakes and Brembo calipers
  • Bespoke seat by Old Dutch Leatherworks
  • One-off air filter by DNA Performance Filters
  • Mini indicators and rear light/brake light supplied by Kellermans

“When we first saw the entries for this contest, we knew that the jury was going to have a very hard time choosing just three finalists to go to the public vote,” says Lynda Provoost, Marketing Manager Indian Motorcycle Benelux. “The creativity that went into all of the entries was outstanding, and I think you can see from Luuc’s winning build that the Benelux is a force to be reckoned with in the world of custom motorcycles. To take a Scout Bobber and transform it to such a high standard into beautiful tribute to the heritage of Indian Motorcycle and the early riders of motorcycle sport has exceeded our hopes for this contest.”

‘Hasty Flaming Buffalo’ will make its next public appearances at Custombike in Bad Salzuflen (December 5-7), the Autosalon in Belgium (January 10-19) and Motorbeurs Utrecht in the Netherlands (February 20-23).

You can watch the official build video here.


Luuc Muis is a product designer from The Netherlands in 2014 he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Industrial Product Design at Windesheim – Zwolle, as well a Merid degree 1 in Art &Design at Institute of Technology – Calow, Ireland. Combining his passion for motorcycles, technology and craftsmanship to design creations with his signature. Luuc enjoys working on his beaten-up vintage vehicles just as much as designing high end motorcycle and products. To learn more, please visit www.luucmuiscreations.com

Indian Motorcycle, a wholly owned subsidiary of Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII), is America’s first motorcycle company. Founded in 1901, Indian Motorcycle has won the hearts of motorcyclists around the world and earned distinction as one of America’s most legendary and iconic brands through unrivaled racing dominance, engineering prowess and countless innovations and industry firsts. Today that heritage and passion is reignited under new brand stewardship. To learn more, please visit www.indianmotorcycle-intl.eu/select-country/

The Cross Country Chase

One of the many aspects of motorcycling that has continually captivated my heart for this sport above all others through all these years is there is always something new to me whenever I care to look. A few weeks ago I was actually looking up parts for a repair job and I just happened across the home page for The Cross Country Chase. I nearly passed it by because I was busy and involved but for some reason I did not. And I am glad I did not. Read on and visit the links to learn more, including this years results. It is an amazing event. 
  Here is some information from the website, I’ll include a link at the end. I bet if you read just this part you’ll visit their site and learn much more about this. It’s very unusual not only in the expected manner because of the vintage bikes, but…well…read on! 

“A cross country challenge for riders with motorcycles that were manufactured between 1930-1948, The Chase will be a test of Endurance, Speed, Navigation, and Knowledge. The Cross Country Chase, brought to you by the crew at Motorcycle Cannonball and Legends Motorcycle Museum, will prove to see the who’s who of the Antique Motorcycle World. Not only will the winner be crowned a “Legend” and have bragging rights for life, but as a bonus, a Cash Award will be given. ”

Knowledge? How many times have you ever heard of taking an actual test about what you know as a requirement to enter a race?


“Riders and Machines will have to endure an average of 250-350 miles per day over an 8-day period. Riders and Machines could endure fatigue, mental exhaustion, cold, heat, elevations, and all the ferocious elements of Mother Nature. Riders will have to endure the course of The Cross Country Chase on their own, no support crews of any kind will be allowed during the event. Riders will have to think about what they need to pack to make it the duration; all tools, parts, and luggage must be packed on your motorcycle. It is just you, your motorcycle, and some of the best 2-lane roads of North America.”

WOW! This would be a good test of endurance on a modern motorcycle!


“Riders will have to successfully navigate the 8-day, 2,500+ mile route without going off course or getting lost. The Chase will provide riders with a Navigation Map daily that will give you turn-by-turn instructions based on mileage.”

Just imagine, 8 days with your antique motorcycle, packed with everything you think you might possibly need and every morning someone hands you a new map and says Good Luck, hope to see you tonight! 


“Riders and Machines will be challenged to complete stages in timed fashion, which will require maintaining certain speeds, strategically planned stops, and managing time throughout the day to check in to the final daily checkpoint at the required time.’

Oh, did I forget to mention you’re on a time clock similar to an Enduro Race? Yes, they tally points at the finish. 


Riders will be given a 100-question test that will cover aspects of American Motorcycling history and will count towards rider’s final score.

You’ve probably used the comedy line “Is there going to be a test?” well guess what buddy this time there is and it’s 100 questions and yes you get an actual grade toward your final score and placement on it! In a motorcycle race! If you even finish! WOW! 



Manufactured between 1930-1948

  1. Motorcycle will be handicapped on the following:
    1. Age: The older the motorcycle, the higher it will be handicapped.
    2. Engine Displacement: Motorcycles with smaller displacement engines will be handicapped higher than motorcycles with higher displacement.
    3. Average Speed: Part of the handicap system will be based on your average cruising speed.
  2. Must have Original Engine Cases
  3. Must Have Original Transmission Cases (No Late model Transmissions)
  4. Period Correct Carburetors (No Late Model Mikunies, S&S, etc


Age: 18 and older

I was quite pleased to also discover that despite the requirements set out above the organizers were able to keep the qualifications simple, thus appealing to as many potential riders as possible. 




Motorcycle Times Product Review Arai Regent – X


The true measure of a helmet on a day-to-day basis is comfort. No distractions from noise, buffeting, or pressure points. When a helmet provides the ultimate in comfort, you are free to focus on everything around you, and the pure joy of riding. The all-new Arai Regent-X is designed to isolate you from distractions with the kind of comfort only Arai can deliver. Built with the same protection as our flagship Corsair-X model, the Regent-X features a new interior for both comfort and ease of taking it on and off.

By subtly reshaping the shell—specifically the hyper-ridge in the jawline area—Arai made the helmet even easier to take on and off.
The Regent-X features our latest Facial Contour System (FCS) cheek pad design—articulating pads that move up and down when you put on and take off the helmet, then wrap around your face to provide a comfortable and snug fit that also reduces noise. These pads also feature recessed pockets for easy speaker installation, and provide the room needed to prevent the speakers from putting pressure on your ears for maximum comfort.
The Regent-X uses Arai’s newly developed Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate Construction shell. For the Regent-X, a new resin was developed that’s more cost effective, but does not add weight or compromise protection.
Born from Arai’s exclusive Formula One helmet technology, the Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate Construction shell is developed to be both light and strong. The upper edge of the eye port is reinforced with Arai’s Peripheral Belt, custom woven in-house with proprietary super fibers to increase shell strength without adding thickness or weight.
A one-piece multi-density liner, tuned with varying densities according to the position and volume of each given area within each shell size, provides protection where it’s needed most, and allows Arai to make a compact helmet that puts protection first, and is as aerodynamic and light as possible.

The Regent-X also features:

– Expanded Hyper-Ridge in the chin and cheek area by 5mm for greater protection
– New neckroll design to reduce weight
– Removable perimeter liner and cheek pads
– Custom fitting with optional cheek pad sizes
– Soft brushed nylon fabric interior for incredible comfort

The Regent-X, along with all Arai models available in North America, meets or exceeds the SNELL M2020 standard, but only after they all first satisfy Arai’s stringent in-house criteria.

A word about Glancing Off

When it comes to impact absorption ability, there is a limit to how much any helmet can absorb, regardless of any manufacturing technique employed, due to the limited space between the shell and the rider’s head available to manage impact energy. In a motorcycle impact, the forces can often far exceed our imagination, so it is important to maximize all aspects of the helmet design. Arai’s strong, round and smooth shell helps to reduce how much impact energy gets into the helmet. All Arai helmets have glancing off technology, including the new Regent-X. Arai makes continual efforts to improve our helmets’ glancing off ability in the pursuit of gains in head protection.

The Regent-X has an Intermediate Oval interior shape and will be available in early to mid-December in a variety of graphics.

Colors: White, Black Frost, Gun Metallic Frost, Modern Gray, Code Red and Code Yellow
Graphic: Sensation Blue, Red and Yellow

Expected MSRP: Solids $559.95, Sensation $689.95 

About Arai Helmets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk5wJXYgak8