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Our Regular Contributors

Backfire by Al Karasa

Al Karasa started riding motorcycles so late in life when, by his own admission, he had “almost reached the age of reason, but not quite.”
Because of this late start he has owned only five motorcycles, each one an example of some unique aspect or another, most meaningful only to the vintage biker. 

A self proclaimed river rat, Al writes only about stuff which he knows first hand through enthusiastic participation no matter how unwise – whitewater, sports car racing, sailing and skiing. He has been doing this for over forty years. His work has appeared in numerous magazines and is included in two anthologies.

The Write Grip by Stevie Lynne

Stevie Rides a Heritage Softail, is an ABATE member, and resides in the Capitol Region of Maryland. Originally from Virginia, and after living in Pennsylvania for a time, she loves exploring the roads of the Mid-Atlantic and beyond on her Heritage.
Stevie was an on-air radio personality for over twenty five years and is happy to be sharing tales as part of the Motorcycle Times family.
Stevie Lynne receives comments at

Rolling Physics Problem by Greg Shamieh

Greg shamieh is a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, writer and historian who lives in the two wheeled haven of Maryland’s Middletown Valley. He rides for daily transportation, sport, travel, meditation, inspiration and illumination. His works appear on the web at RollingPhysicsProblem.  

Two Tire Tirade by Robert Hunt

Rob is married and has two teenaged sons and he works as a unit manager in the corporate sector. Rob received his B.A. in history from Buffalo State College and loves to combine his interest in history with his passion of riding and writing about the experiences. After college Rob volunteered for two years with AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps. After a tour in Iraq with the US Army Rob began writing in earnest and scribing his own blog focused primarily on the joy of riding motorcycles. Rob has been to every state in the continental U.S. and is now focused on Alaska and Hawaii. 
You can visit Rob’s blog at twotiretirade.

Motorcycle Law Group by Matt Danielson

Matt is a partner of the firm Tom McGrath’s Motorcycle Law Group. Matt provides us with an inside perspective on various important legal aspects of motorcycling. From insurance policy guidelines to accident scene preparedness and so many other topics we can’t list them here, Matt lays out the general guidelines and commentary you need to know but probably never think about. 
Please, keep in mind, for exact information pertaining to your specific needs you can contact the firm at

Freeform by Geof Uyahara

Geoff sends us unique articles describing whatever facet of the motorcycle world and communities has captured his interest. 
His perspectives are fresh, and sometimes startling in their sparseness. Imagine a mix of facts and fantasy and poetic description all blended together in imagination. Geoff’s articles are always fun to read.