JUNE 2020

motorcycle dirt bike jumping a hill2021 YAMAHA TENERE

Finally Available Here!

Riders in Europe and the United Kingdom have been enjoying this motorcycle for a few years ahead of us. In fact it was never a certainty that we would ever have the opportunity. But now we do. The 2021 Yamaha Tenere is scheduled to be released here in the first few days of this June 2020.  While this is not exactly “new” news because Yamaha USA has reportedly been taking orders for the bike for a short time now, the news that they will finally be released to us and the date is exciting news.

The demand is expected to be high and should sell out quickly. Later blocks of shipments will come this summer and  likely in the fall.

Yamaha says it will offer a Rally Package consisting of a skid plate, the center (main) stand, an engine guard, a radiator protector, another(?) chain guide, a rear rack and a tank pad. There is also to be a Tour Pack consisting of the (main) stand, an engine guard, the side case stays, and locking side cases. Of course there will be more accessories available.

This has been a long wait for a decent and inexpensive – the base price is reported to be just $9,999.00 USD – true lightweight midsized adventure bike. I’m excited to ride one!

Find out more here: https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/adventure-touring/models/tenere-700

Win a 2020 Harley Davidson & Ride with Jason Mamoa

Winner to ride new bike in California with the star Jason Momoa

Excerpt from website, link is below:
“Jason Momoa is inviting you to be his solo companion for a motorcycle ride down a scenic California roadway. Cali is the state for incredible diversity of motorcycle road scenery with over 1,100 miles of Pacific Coast shoreline, countless miles of canyon and mountain road riding, stretches of alpine mountain roads and some of the most visited cities in the country. Cruise with Jason for 2-3 hours, with the wind in your hair (and most definitely in Jason’s) and soak in that CA sun! Best part of all, you’ll be riding alongside Jason on your very own bike, decked out in all-new riding gear.”

Does this sound enticing? Click the link to visit the site and learn how to enter and when it’s drawn and also be sure to check out all the legal blah blah stuff. No really, you should read that too.

Indy Mecum Auction

Amazing 25 bike collection among offerings

If you are a drag racing fan from the old days you might recognize this historic bike. This is the 1953 Triumph “Bobby Sirkegian Thunderbird record setting drag bike, fully and completely restored inside and out by the man himself. The full mechanical and cosmetic restoration included

  • Nitro TT Amal carburetors and floats
  • High compression 12 to 1 pistons, extra large valves and racing valve springs
  • Special grind camshafts and lifters
  • Branch flow metric cylinder head
  • Electronic balanced crankshaft
  • Special BTH magneto
  • Full period correct cosmetics

Even the serial numbers are listed in the report. There is some supporting documentation offered as well. There is a very good write up on the Mecum site here : https://www.mecum.com/lots/SC0520-415355/1953-triumph-bobby-sirkegian-thunderbird-drag-bike/


Starting Sunday July 12th through Saturday July 18th there will be many more motorcycles offered such as these examples…

  1966 Panther 120

1982 Suzuki Katana

1986 V Max with Sidecar

1974 Kawasaki Z-1

These are just a few of the bikes from just one lot to be offered on Sunday. If you’re looking to kill some time – and who isn’t lately – do what I did, dive into this Mecum site and swim around for a couple hours. Click any of the links in this article to get there.
Mecum Auction


The first-ever official Bond motorcycle and an ultra-rare numbered limited edition, the Scrambler 1200 Bond Edition has all of the top-spec Scrambler XE’s exceptional performance and capability, together with higher-value details and a beautiful and unique 007 design scheme.

Starting from $18,500.00

This motorcycle Sold Out virtually as soon as it was formally announced. There were only 250 available for the whole world. Plus only 30 for the entire United States. This alone places it with the rarest production bikes, and having a unique social attachment to the 007 legend just makes it all the more desirable. The custom 007 insignia’s and paint really just launch into the stratosphere of desirability.

If that isn’t enough, when you activate the on board TFT screen and find yourself looking at the trademark 007 barrel graphics you’ll probably go into orbit yourself.

Here are couple of links so you can daydream too.
A cool Youtube video and more links about the bike on the page too: https://youtu.be/x0DSNN-8zHU

A 007 page with pretty much everything you’d ever want to know:  https://www.007.com/

And of course Triumph Motorcycles: https://www.triumphmotorcycles.com/motorcycles/classic/bonneville-scrambler-1200

A Motorcycle Story

A MOTORCYCLE STORY: From the Netherlands, to Now

Editor’s Note: this was a submission from a dealership. we decided to publish it based simply on it’s merits. We found it to be personable and uplifting. 

“We asked our new friend, Farah, how she got into riding motorcycles and a little bit about her riding story. Farah purchased her first motorcycle from us, a 2019 Iron XL883™. Originally from the Netherlands, Farah moved here to be an Au Pair, a child care provider through an international cultural exchange program here in the United States.”

Name: Farah

Just turned 25 on the 9th of May

From Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

In the States since February 17, 2020


“I believe it all started when I was dating my first boyfriend when I was 15-16 years old. That time in the Netherlands you could legally smoke from the age of 16 and we would smoke inside his garage where his dad had this huge and heavy Harley-Davidson® stored. I can’t remember what model it was…but whenever I went for a smoke, I just sat there staring at that thing, fantasizing how cool it would be, me driving that bike on the open road.

A few years later my dad, Foppe, now 64 and still riding, came home one day with a bike. I didn’t even know he had a motorcycle license, so that was a nice surprise. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to hop on the back.

“We shopped for new helmets together and went out for a ride a couple of times. I thought it was the coolest. Thing. Ever.

From that point the idea [of owning one] grew stronger and stronger.”


“So two years ago when I was thinking about ‘what to do next in my life?’

I found an opportunity to work as an Au Pair in the United States…

I thought ‘this is it!’ it all just clicked. And I already saved some money which was enough for a license.

I mean…going to the States for a nice job, buying a bike and drive cross-country, ride Route 66? That is the ultimate dream! And now I am finally starting to live it. At first, I was scared to tell my Dad that I wanted to start taking lessons and that I wanted to drive through America…but he supported me right from the start without any doubt! He is the coolest and best parent ever.

It’s only been almost a year since I got my license. But every time the weather was great and I had some spare time left, I would go for a ride. I already got thousands of miles on my watch.”

My host Dad from Au Pair and I went shopping motorcycles together, he actually pointed out this bike to me and I fell in love with it. He supported me a lot in finding a bike and to figure out how to get it, which is super amazing. Now there is an Iron  883™ standing in the garage, my host dad wants to buy a motorcycle for himself too! He’s the best and I am really, really happy I can be part of his family. And, I consider them my family, now, too.”


“For me it feels like total freedom.

Every time I get on the bike I just feel so much joy and excitement. Just seeing my bike sitting in the garage puts a smile on my face! The control, the speed, the view…it’s my happy place. It’s the only way to clear my mind, for real.”


“I remember first time riding solo after getting my license I was out for hours! I think I was gone for about 4 hours just riding through my province. When I got back, my cheeks were hurting from smiling the whole time.

Back home the furthest I’ve driven is from Leeuwarden to Rotterdam (around 2h drive) for a birthday party and I was following my friend who was driving by car and she was the one that had the navigation running. While we were heading over there I read some exit signs and was pretty sure we needed to take that one. Next thing I know she called me (I have a Sena communication system) and told me she missed the exit – while missing the second exit we needed to take! I thought that was really funny.

In the end: we missed a handful of exits, took some wrong turns and almost witnessed a car crash happening. So we arrived later than we initially wanted to at the party.”


“I talk about it a-lot, haha. And I love taking people with me for a spin. Especially when they’ve never sat on a bike before! Some even scream from excitement.

The moment they take off their helmets and start talking how they experienced it… that always makes my day.

Whenever I go out for a ride I’ll always post a video or picture on my Facebook and Instagram (@elevenseasons) for my friends and family to see. I get a lot of comments that people really like seeing my updates. Also because for us Duchies, America is a different planet, haha!”

“Oh, yes…so the first time my best friend Tanja ever sat on a bike was on the back of mine – and she loved it! Every chance to go out for a spin together we took it.

One quite sunny day we took my bike to drop her off at her mom’s place, which is a 30 minute drive away. When we just entered the highway, out of nowhere, it started to rain. And not just rain… it was POURING. And, of course, she wasn’t really wearing any kind of rain resisting clothing. Even through the seams of my leather jacket it started to leak water. I imagined her being pretty drained, cold and probably really pissed. Or maybe even scared… Because it was her first time driving through any kind of rain on a bike and the road looked so, so slippery… I felt so bad for her and hoped she wasn’t panicking or anything.

When we finally arrived at her mom’s place and she was mounting off I was already starting to apologize, but she cut me off screaming ‘THAT. WAS. AWESOOOOOOME!!!’”


“Freedom, dare to dream, and live a little.”

What a great birthday present to yourself, Farah! Enjoy the many amazing rides ahead—and that Route 66 trip! We loved hearing your story and we welcome you into our Harley-Davidson® family! We hope to see you again, soon!