Here is some information about Motorcycle Times, The Premier International Motorcycle Blog.
Motorcycle Times was first published in print in 1989 and still offers free email subscriptions online. The blog is otherwise supported by paid advertisements.


We publish family friendly motorcycle related news, events, stories, pictures, reviews and more.


Originally we were “The Mid-Atlantic Motorcycle Magazine”. We served Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington D.C. and the DelMarVa resort areas since 1988, because they were our main focus.
Now, publishing the blog online extends our reach far beyond those areas. We are now growing internationally. 


Originally the magazine was bi-monthly when we were printing. When we stopped printing we began publishing online in a  monthly format. Now the blog is daily for the freshest news and events.
Our publishing schedule begins January 1st. We publish news posts nearly everyday.
At the end of the month we publish an online desktop flip book summary.


Readership varies with the trends of the internet. Motorcycle Times is free to read on the website. Our social media outlets are free too. This extends our readership and maximizes your advertising dollars by reaching out to popular outlets everywhere the internet is available. 


During our 33 years of publishing Motorcycle Times, some of our long time writers have moved on to other projects, some have retired. So we’ve added a few new contributors. We choose those who fit our loose, creative framework while retaining their own style. We believe this is vitally important, since we strive to produce information that is fun and attractive, timely, accurate, relevant, informative, unique and entertaining…pieces that showcase a writer’s creativity and do not restrict them. As long as it’s about motorcycling and family friendly we will consider it.
Those looking to start a career or restart one are welcome to submit their work.  


We contribute advertisements for and directly support several charities. We offer free advertising in our website and social media for motorcycle related charity events of most kinds. Read more about this on our Home Page 


Motorcycle Times remains committed to bringing you family friendly motorcycle related news and events while supporting our communities and charities within the sport of motorcycling.   

If you have any questions or just want to let us know how we are doing CONTACT US .