Do you want to submit your work? Do you need to submit a guest post to boost your blog? Do you have original artwork or poetry you wish to see in print?  

Consider submitting to Motorcycle Times. Motorcycle Times is a news and feature blog for motorcyclists by motorcyclists. We publish family friendly stories and features of all kinds, so send us your original tales of good times, adventures, comedy and calamity. We offer the exposure you need to get a start or get restarted and you can reference your publication in our site. We’ll even send you the link to use if you do get published here. 

We consider motorcycle related stories, artwork, poetry and pretty much anything else related to motorcycling. We try hard not to cramp your style. Our guidelines are basically that your submissions need to be family friendly, reasonably un-offensive, tasteful and original work that you own and are allowed to share.
Preference is always given to first run items. However, if the item is exceptionally good and you’re still allowed to submit it for publication we may publish it anyway.

Here are just a few examples of guest posts and general submissions we are looking for:

  • Stories with pictures about young kids getting started in riding. Children are the future of our sport. We encourage them.
  • Stories with pictures about older people riding. Often times these can be amazing stories in themselves.
  • Readers Rides: pictures of your bike and a few sentences. Include your return contact information.
  • Motorcycle history or historical articles. If we don’t know our past what will our future be?
  • Home built & custom motorcycle articles and photos.
  • Motorcycle trip or vacation reports/stories and photos.
  • Repair and how to articles and photos.
  • Poems or art about motorcycles or motorcycling.

Please email submissions directly to . Be sure to include your USPS mail address and other contact information. We will review your submission as promptly as we can. Once we make a decision we will notify you by email. If approved the email will have the Permission Form attached. Once we receive the filled out and signed form we will work the piece into the next possible blog date and notify you. 

Good writing and good luck!


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