Sound of Life

We all go on rides that give us time to reflect.  There is the ride that is done to decompress.  The ride to escape the chains of daily activity.  We ride for many reasons but deeper in our psychic there is an attraction happening to us which very few are aware of.  This force which is a life long attraction happens each time we saddle up on our Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Ok, now it’s time to lean back and take a mind ride with me.   Are you ready?

Why is it that when the HD passes a park with men playing board games, women pushing baby strollers, or children playing,  they turn their heads and watch the HD drive by.  Is it the envy of the rider?  Is it the color or shiny chrome? Could it be they put them selves straddling the HD in their mind.  Yes, it could be all of these reasons but deeper in the attraction is a sound some are not aware of that draws them to look.  Even those who don’t look, are still attracted to the sound.

Now you’re riding with me.  Let’s continue this mind trip.

I’m on an afternoon ride and enjoying the sound, which goes deeper within me than my ears.  This rhythm of sound goes deeper because it’s the rhythm you’ve heard since conception.  Lub Dub——-Lub Dub——Lub Dub. When they were designing the HD motor I don’t think they were aware of what this attraction was.  Yes you’re hearing the rhythm of life – the motor is closely resembling the sounds from a heart that is made of steel.  The design which has the pistons forty two degrees apart emulates the Lub Dub sound and it comes to life.  Have you heard someone say when close to a HD idling they just love that sound.  When I start one of my old HD’s, I love to stand and listen to that heartbeat at idle.  Granted when at road speeds the sound is quicker but it’s still the basic Lub Dub sound.

Now you know why men in the park, ladies pushing strollers or a child playing, all look when they hear the Sound of Life.

Hypothesis by Fred Nichols.

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