Every now and then someone sends us a story about a bike they built and usually it’s all done in a shop either by themselves or a regular motorcycle shop. Maybe they did do they work at home in the garage or shed. Maybe they only knew what they wanted so they had someone else build it. Sometimes they just build it in the back yard. Those stories are especially inspiring to me. 

Here is Cody’s story.

 The project started as a back yard find for 250$. My dad Scott and I had seen it sitting in a back yard for a few years. The plastics that it had on it were destroyed. She started off as a 1982 Aspencade.

 What came next was the master work of my dad. As he was making his own build I ended up with a crashed 1999 cbr600. As a joke one day I put the CBR tank on the Goldwing and from there he loved it! Next thing we new after dad did the research on things and how to do the mono – did I mention he is a CNC Operator? – so that helped with the numbers and stuff too…. And from that moment on it was an amazing father and son bike build.
We started it 4 years ago and I finely get too carry on what we started.