Harley-Davidson Puts the LiveWire to the Ultimate Test


Watch Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines Drag Racing Team Launch into the Future

MILWAUKEE (October 30, 2020) – See what it takes to win in the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle championship and the future of drag racing with the 10-time champion Harley-Davidson™ Screamin’ Eagle™/Vance & Hines drag racing team in Harley-Davidson’s latest production “Science of Speed.” Team racers Eddie Krawiec, Andrew Hines, and Angelle Sampey talk through the skills, strategies, and experience of running a motorcycle through the quarter-mile dragstrip.

“Science of Speed” looks at how electric vehicle propulsion will change the sport of drag racing by comparing a 2020 Harley-Davidson FXDR motorcycle to a 2020 Harley-Davidson LiveWire™ motorcycle. With the LiveWire motorcycle’s immediate torque and seamless twist-and-go acceleration, the racers are immediately aware of what the future of fast can bring: more time for preparation before launch; thrilling, instant acceleration; and seamless speed to the finish line.

“Let me tell you what’s amazing,” said Sampey. “That was the first time I rode the LiveWire. I could not wait to get it on the track. The LiveWire is so easy to ride. Just twist the throttle and go – and you really go!”

On September 4, 2020, Sampey, a three-time Pro Stock Motorcycle champion, set new records for elapsed time and top speed by an electric-powered production motorcycle with the LiveWire on a drag racing course. She stepped off her Harley-Davidson FXDR™ Pro Stock competition motorcycle to pilot the LiveWire bike to capture world record-breaking runs on the quarter and eighth-mile, covering the eighth-mile distance in 7.017-seconds and the full quarter-mile course in just 11.156 seconds at 110.35 mph. The 2020 LiveWire motorcycle’s top speed is limited to 110 mph.

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire motorcycle is an all-new, all-electric model designed to offer riders a thrilling and high-performance motorcycling experience infused with a new level of technology, and the premium look and feel of a Harley-Davidson product. The LiveWire motorcycle is capable of rapid acceleration with just a twist of the throttle – no clutching or gear shifting required.

The instant torque provided by the H-D Revelation™ powertrain delivers exhilarating acceleration from a stop; the LiveWire motorcycle can rush from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 100 kph) in 3.0 seconds and 60 to 80 mph (100 to 129 kph) in 1.9 seconds. Because maximum torque is always on tap, roll-on acceleration for passing is outstanding. An optimized center of gravity, rigid aluminum frame and premium adjustable suspension components give the LiveWire motorcycle dynamic handling. With up to 146 miles of range (city)*, performance is optimized for the urban street-rider.

The H-D Revelation™ electric powertrain produces minimal vibration, heat, and sound, all of which enhance rider comfort and creates a unique riding experience, even on the drag strip.

Licensed riders can take a complimentary test ride and feel the performance themselves on the LiveWire motorcycle at select EV Authorized LiveWire Harley-Davidson dealerships in the United States, Australia, Canada and most European countries.

*Estimated riding range: 146 miles (city) / 95 miles (combined). Riding range estimates provided following SAE J2982 Riding Range Test Procedure and are based on expected performance of a fully-charged battery when operated under specified conditions.  Actual range will vary depending on riding habits, ambient weather and equipment conditions.

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Fallen & Wounded Soldiers Fund


Editors note: this is an email from James to us explaining in his own words how this began. We did some small amount of editing.


The motorcycles are a work of passion, pride and a great respect to the brave fighting machines and heroic pilots that flew them in past world events.

I’ve been looking for an outlet to raise much needed funds for the Wounded Warriors Project and

The Veterans Transition Network as I know first-hand the difficulties of being a returning veteran and more so the challenges of being a disabled Veteran. In my case, my wounds did not interfere with my mobility and I have been able to go on to great and exciting adventures.

In 2019 I rode a motorcycle from Ho Chi Min City (Saigon) across China, Tibet, up to Kazakhstan and across to Europe and London thus completing a world ride as I had previously crossed the US from Maine to British Columbia. With the help of these great organizations, Veterans like myself can accomplish anything.

Since my early years riding, I had always loved the look of the classic WW1 and WW2 army motorcycles. I read amazing stories of dispatch riders dodging bullets and mortar shells delivering their vital dispatches to other brave soldiers waiting for orders. Talk about adventure riders! How much more adventurous can it be riding a motorcycle through the muddy trenches with shells exploding and bullets whizzing by you?

I tried to find a restored or partially restored military motorcycle for sale but to no avail. There were some that had been chopped or modified, Others were in parts and needed more almost impossible to find parts to get them running. Others were priced ridiculously as collectors’ items and then there are always the scammers who said they could get me one in the original crate from Army surplus!

I finally decided to build my own, thus the first DMZ motorcycle was born.

I searched available motorcycles to find which manufacturer had a bike most similar as a base for my build. I was looking for anything 750cc and above, but it needed a foundation that would allow me to duplicate the bikes I loved.

After an extensive search and research on each model I found the Triumph Bobber Black to be the perfect base to begin with! I purchased a new 2018 Triumph Bobber Black thinking my search was over and the rest would be simple.

How wrong I was, and in fact, my research had only begun.

It took over a year to find the perfect seat, bags, and all the other changes (46 – 52 modifications on each model) to roll out the first DMZ Motorcycle.  I wanted a motorcycle that was period correct and paid tribute to its history.  I searched the internet for pictures of original aircraft nose art and emblems to ensure my motorcycle depicted the true aircraft and were historically correct.

Each motorcycle is an original and researched for correctness.  The American Star/Victory Girl emblem is hand painted and signed. The serial numbers on the fenders and side covers all represent either an aircraft or the squadron it pays tribute to. Each bike is protected with the full Triumph 2-year warranty and guarantee from DMZ to be authentic, hand painted one-of-a-kind motorcycles that anyone can be proud to own.

The idea and the company started with my own dream of owning a military motorcycle yet soon everyone was asking where they could get one.

I decided to share my dream and at the same time donating a portion of the profits to these two especially important Veteran’s Projects. The last thing I expected was to start a motorcycle company and yet, every time I build a new motorcycle, I get new and exciting ideas for another. I intend to release both the Memphis Belle and Red Tails Tribute bikes in Spring 2021.

I’ve started to realize that the possibilities are endless and there is so much history I can capture in these bikes while offering them to riders and military enthusiast alike.

This summer I loaded up three of my DMZ Motorcycles in a trailer and photographed them with my friends 1941 Boeing Stearman US Navy Trainer.

The results are these amazing pictures that truly capture the spirit of what I’m building and the history of what these motorcycles represent.

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