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Only 7 Weeks until British & European Classic Motorcycle Day!

Only 7 Weeks until British & European Classic Motorcycle Day

May 20th will be here before you know it. Make plans now to join us at High Point Farm in Clarksburg, MD for our 17th Annual Brit-Euro classic bike fest.


Norton Commando is the 2018 Featured Marque

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the Norton Commando in 1968, we are featuring the venerable Commando. Fastback, Roadster, S Model, Interstate, SS, John Player Norton, High Rider — all the variations of the Commando line are familiar to Classic Bike enthusiasts. There will be three classes for judging: 750s, 850s, and Custom & Competition. The Nation’s Capital Norton Owners is also going to have a special award for Best Commando.

More info and a downloadable PDF flyer on our website:

Motorcycle Events Listings

I created a new Facebook page where any member can post motorcycle events anywhere in the USA for FREE!

Of course, the events will still be in the magazine as usual, and on the website in the calendar too!

Check it out at you will need to request membership for now, maybe later I’ll make it public. However, you can still invite all your friends to join and post!

Talk with you later! Please Like and Share!


Helping Them Out!

It Is With Great Pleasure We Make This Announcement

First, we have continued our relationship with Cure The Kids. You may know this as Ride For Kids. This is an organization that raises money and donates it to help cure and fight pediatric brain cancer. We are pleased to donate a full page advertisement in each issue again this year, plus now in our social media!























It is also with great pleasure we announce our support for The National Kidney Foundation. As a kidney transplant recipient myself I know first hand the life saving and life restoring work this group does and provides for.
We are pleased to provide a full page advertisement for the remaining issues of the year, as well as in our social media.
























You can pick it up for free at your friendly local dealer or shop! Remember, if they do not carry it or run out just let us know and we will get to work on it right away!

This issue is a real treat for all you motocross fans. I landed a deal with Gary Semics to tell his story! It’s  about having a factory sponsorship and going to Europe to race against the absolute legends of the time. He raced against the “Unbeatable” Europeans on their own tracks. And he…well…you’ll just have to get the issues and read the series for yourself.

Yes! This is a series and it’s really interesting. Remember, this is the mid 1970’s. Motocross bikes were nearly 100% two strokes. They were just really getting some long travel suspension going – from a norm of 2.5″ to maybe 4″ travel to an amazing 6″ or 8″ at the time!

There were Maico’s, CZ’s, Husqvarna’s, Suzuki’s, Kawasaki’s, Honda’s, Greeve’s, Montessa’s, Ossa’s, Penton’s, Hodaka’s…even the British were still fielding some bikes…they had Triumph’s in exotic hand built, one-off frames, BSA, Royal Enfield, Norton, Matchless and others all mixed it up on any Sunday!

Powerbands were narrower than your wallet the week between paydays. Engines were temperamental and prone to seizing at the most frustrating moments, seats stopped at the gas tanks, and the tracks were outside in the real weather. It was nearly as hard to be a spectator as a racer.

The tracks were often little more than a “Hey that looks like it would be cool, lets send them down that hill, over that one and then make a blind hairpin where the mud wallow is.” And they put jumps at the ends of straights. Long straights. Then there would be a curve so close to where you landed that you often already had the brakes on before you landed. Your poor old-fashioned drum brakes would get so hot they smelled, or so wet they were useless.

It was amazingly fun.

And we have Gary Semic’s story.

Right now, I’m just going to take a moment to thank our advertisers. They made this possible – as well some other things I’m working on. Please make use of their services as often as you can or need to.

Special thanks to (alphabetical order) :
Apex Cycle Education – mention Motorcycle Times and get a discount
Jay Irwin Block – your Maryland Motorcycle Lawyer
Emanon Riders – a Delaware family and sober riding group
Gary Semic’s Motocross School – learn from the man
Heyser Cycle – Soon to be celebrating 54 years selling and servicing!
Karma Cycles – a great shop, good people, good work in Easton, MD.
The Law Office of Tom McGrath – “The firm that rides” and a columnist when his time permits. Good advice in most every issue.
Motorcyclepedia – a really cool museum in N.Y. State. Day Trip? Yes! Relax and make it two days.
Roger Lyle’s Motorcycle Xcitement! – Learn how to race, or just be a better rider. I can’t say enough good things about this.
Precision Cycle Works – Old School Mechanic that has kept up to date, he fixes things, a good guy
Twigg Cycles – On two or 4 wheels Twigg can fit your needs!
Williamsburg Motor Works – Quietly doing what everyone else says they do.

And special thanks to Jay Irwin Block, Heyser Cycle, Law Offices of Tom McGrath, Roger Lyle’s Motorcycle Xcitement!, Precision Cycle Works and Twigg Cycles for their loyalty these past few months as we rebuilt and renewed the magazine and website. 

Plus the clubs and other businesses and events that advertised with us on an as needed basis. 


TGIF & I’m Excited!


The latest issue of Motorcycle Times is printed and will be available on March 1st at Dealers, Shops and events near you!
If somehow you can not find it just send me an email or message and let me know which place I should contact. I’ll try to get them to carry it. It’s always easy. It’s free and it brings customers in!

I’m especially excited because I’ve completed arrangements with Gary Semics of international Motocross fame and now trainer to the stars – such as McGrath and Villopoto and many other top pros – to tell his story of racing the 500’s internationally during the early days. I could list all his accomlishments, but you’ll just have to pick up the magazine and read the 10 issue – that’s right! – 10 issue series!

Sneak Peek Of The Cover!















My Friends Phil and Carla at Karma Cycles in Cambridge, MD are hosting a swap meet soon, that’s going to be real neat. I love going to swap meets even just to look at everyone else’s stuff! Chances are though, I’ll bring something home to add to my piles! LOL!
















We are really excited to renew our relationship with Ride For Kids sponsored by and we’ve added them to our website as well as the magazine!





Last but by no means least, a special THANK YOU and SHOUT OUT to

Caryn Sagal the Senior Vice President at Lawrence Howard & Associates for helping me to get Motorcycle Times on board as an official sponsor of the 2018 Kidney Walks!
As a kidney transplant recipient myself, I am especially gratified to be able to give a little more to help others with this health issue.
I will still be organizing my own team and participating in the walks so keep an eye out for my sponsorship links. I try to do a 5 mile walk, every per mile donation you make helps someone else with kidney disease!








































Walking In The Snowy Woods

Yesterday, the 17th of February, 2018 it began to snow heavily about 3pm here. I was expecting it, having checked the app on my phone. As the big flakes began to fall I was sort of mesmerized for a few moments, gazing vacantly out at the woods and thinking that at least for a little while the landscape would be pretty. There is a thing about woods and snow that has always grabbed me right by the imagination.
I’ve never known why, but I’ve had a minor inclination to go explore when it snows. Mayhaps I’ll discover a cabin with a stone fireplace and a rough timber rocking chair, or a lean-to and I’ll make a little fire and just sit and observe.
Or maybe as a child I read too many adventure novels and now as an adult I’ve been watching too many re-runs of various Alaskan shows. After all, it’s not that much of a hike through the woods to the next county block where there most certainly is not a deserted and welcoming cabin nor even a lean-to! More like a bunch of imitation Cape Cod style houses and SUV’s that rarely if ever venture off the pavement.
*SIGH* Oh well. I still have the moment all to myself.

This coming Friday the 23rd of February, 2018 is the Grand Opening of The Progressive International Motorcycle Show. This thought also causes my mind to wander. The mere thought of the sheer expanse of the place, it’s being filled with very nearly every single brand and style and type and purpose of motorcycle and accessory may well eclipse that romantic dream of a walk in the snowy woods. Plus, it’s warmer in the show than outside in the snow.
My friends at Williamsburg Motor Works have hired a Motor Coach and driver for one day to transport them to and fro and to stop at Red, Hot, and Blue on the way back. To me this seems like a great idea. You could click on the flyer and then give them a call to see if there are still any seats left.

One of the things I want to try to find at the show is information. I hope to talk to the manufacturer reps and ask them exactly what is going on in the business as concerns motorcycle sales. I  have read every kind of statistic and article out there I can find for the last two years and there is no doubt, the numbers are in. The entire financial system of our nation experienced a drop off immediately after the 2008 election and it was prolonged to the point that it is now referred to as a recession. Across the board, Toys took a big hit as a result. By toys, I mean motorcycles and such.
Now, we are looking at a possible recovery. I want to find out the expected and projected curve of increased sales. Why? There may not be a better time than now to buy a used or even new motorcycle and gear. As the economy recovers the potential for increased sales is likely and we all know that when things begin to sell, they get more expensive until demand levels out. I hope to be ahead of that uptick in demand and you should too.
By the way, I am not a financial advisor, never have been one and do not play one on tv either. Heck I’ve never even stayed in that hotel that makes you smarter. Maybe I’ll find one on one of my walks in the woods. I hope it has a fireplace and a rocker.




Captain’s Log; Star Date 2-08-2018; Approaching Timonium

My good ship and crew of two set sail for this gathering of unique individuals over 3 months ago. Long range scanners indicated a strengthening in the Cosmic Universal Galactic Forces centering around this otherwise normal geographical location on old Earth.
It seems that as these highly evolved life forms draw closer to the event horizon, the Cosmic Universe begins applying copious amounts of Good Karma. Thus, as the ancient Honey Bee is drawn by the nectar of flowering plants so are these beings drawn by the various and sundry facets of interest wantonly on display within the event! There is something for every. Single. One. Who. Attends.

One need only utilize this Trans-Net Warp Link to view a preview of the spectacle.

Our mission, as always is to observe and document and promote the events provided by this society. To enhance and advance the nature of the experience. And to survive the after parties.

The shuttle is loaded with supplies, our festive garb is readied and navigation is laid in.

The final launch countdown to the biggest and best motorcycle event on the East Coast of America has begun!


Open Call

Do you have or do you know someone who would like to have their motorcycle featured in the next issue of Motorcycle Times?

We need great photography and about 500 to 800 words about the bike. It can be a one off custom, street, trail, dirt, racer, restoration, oddity…we consider all of them!

Also looking to spotlight a young rider or racer. This column will regularly feature a child enthusiast up to 14 years old. A positive roll model for the future of our sport!

Questions? Comments? Submissions? deadline is the 15th of this month.



Crystal Blue

This morning I arose at the crack of 14°.

It seemed even the sun was as reluctant to struggle up over it’s horizon as I was reluctant to struggle up out of my bed. Nonetheless the sound of the furnace coming on yet again had wrenched me from my slumber as somewhere in the dark, damp depths of my psyche the alarm was struck and I could brook no denial. I had a choice to make.

Remain warm and cozy and comforted and cradled in what could now only be best described as a happily altered state or choose – on purpose! – to abandon this nest and don at least a minimum of protective garb and fling my unwilling and as yet not fully recovered from the actual Flu Type A self into the eternal loosing battle of warmth and comfort vs The Reigning and Forever Undefeated Champion…The Cold!
I flung.

The thought of having to pay homage to the Greatest Champion Ever in this arena was just too much. I envisioned myself pitifully shoveling my dollars into my little furnace huddled and shaking near the feet of this Frosty Giant as it leered down at me. My only recourse is to make use of the materials so generously supplied by my little patch of woodlands every year. I need warmth and money savings, the woods had needed another cleaning and pruning and some dying or dead trees taken down after the birds had moved out, it’s a good cycle.

Once outside I was really kind of struck by the morning. The sun had finally realized as I did that it was no use, there is a job afoot and had begun to lazily arise. The sky was that deep blue between night and day. The color that promises to be crystal blue in a few more moments if you’re still there to catch it.  When I see these mornings I am often put in mind of the song Crystal Blue Persuasion by Tommy James and the Shondels. Indeed I stood for a moment longer with the soundtrack going in my head as I perused the scene.

My breathing steadied, my eyes adjusted and there I was once again beginning my day at one with the rhythm of the cosmic universe as my guide.  There was no cold, only the moment. The tarps were covered in jagged icy frost reflecting the blue and the sun and they were positively sparkling in the moment. I mentally uploaded all this “to the cloud”, packed up a load of firewood and schlepped it inside. After stoking and feeding the wood stove I turned all the lights out and the house once again was quiet and void of the small sounds of my efforts. I stirred my first cup and replayed the Crystal Blue scene on the Imax in my head. I had made the right choice.

Speaking of choices, are you choosing to go to Timonium this year? It’s going to be like 3 days of my Crystal Blue moment! Just being there, taking it all in, living in the moments. It’s the kick off! This is where you jump start your season!

Here are some Coupons to help you out, courtesy of Motorcycle Times and!


Williamsburg Motorsports is doing the bus trip again this year, so if you live in southern Delaware, or near Denton, Md, Easton, Md and that territory give them a call. You just hop on the bus, Gus and let the driver do it all!

 Plus, As I said, I have a booth this year! Stop by to register for some giveaways and a Grand Prize!

Keep the faith! Let’s make this our best year ever for riding and doing what we do!