Chuck Morgan Smiling For Camera

Geoff Uyehara

I’m a transportation enthusiast.
Streamliners were in their last stage of blaring down the tracks and I was a kid who wanted a bicycle that looked like a motorcycle.  What I got was a single speed coaster brake bike that I painted with orange stripes and added a tiger in my tank tail. I got a ten speed when I started high school. A couple of years later it was a twelve horse power dirt bike by Honda.  My enthusiasm for transportation has carried me through my Architecture school days and beyond. My transportation ideas and passion for travel has manifested itself through writing as well.

I also have a Political Science degree with an area study concentration of Central Asia, India to Asia Minor, with a minor in music which has given me a different take on what makes a motorcyclist. I spent a few years in high school in Afghanistan dirt biking just as the Vietnam War was winding down.  I was a new biker when the Japanese motorcycle “invasion” was at its height and I along with all the other enthusiasts never want to look back without climbing onto our vintage cycles heading out to ride.