Feature Bike September 2020

Robert Nichols and his 2012 GL1800 Trike

The trike kit is a 2014 CSC viper kit.
The Goldwing was painted by Mike Mountain Man Lamborne in Circleville, WV.
Bobby says “after I retired from the Army after 24 yrs I just felt the need to always do a patriotic theme on all my bikes. I love the eagle so that is a regular thing.  I think Mountain Man Mike excels at painting them. He has done several bikes for me and they are always spectacular. The cool thing about having Mike do the painting is that I never have to tell him what to do. He knows what I like and I just take it to him and tell him to call when he gets it done”.
“I’ve never been disappointed”.

The photo shoot was at the Veterans Memorial in Federalsburg, Maryland.
It has the main branches of our military represented.
I was surprised to find that the soldier chosen to be honored by the memorial and represent others who gave their lives in service to our country was actually a person Bobby had known.
HM3 Manuel Ruiz, U.S. Navy was a friend of Bobby’s son and they used to hang out together.
Bobby has Manuel’s grave marker in Arlington National Cemetery represented on his bike.
Thank You Manuel Ruiz.

Feature Bike Double Header

Robert Nicholson’s 1982 Goldwing

Bobby said “Mark here is another bike Mountain Man painted for me.”
“I bought this one to tinker with, it needed a lot of work and I ended up restoring it. After I got the next bike it just sat in my garage and after a while it needed carb work and probably some other things too. Mountain Man was in between bikes for awhile and so one day I just loaded it up and took it to him and handed it over. He wondered what I wanted done and I said nothing. And I just handed him the title and keys and said here, it’s yours. It was one of those brotherhood kind of things”.

Bobby and Mountain Man on the day the bike switched owners.