Here are the most frequently asked questions.


  • The first most basic thing is the presentation of the bike.
  • Pay attention to lighting, avoid having your shadow in the shot.
  • Check the background. Try not to use one that is cluttered with unrelated stuff.
  • Get full left and right sides as well as front and rear. Then add angle shots from front and rear. Try to capture the actual lines of the bike. Experiment with lower shots too, like at knee level.
  • If you have a really intricate show bike with many hand made parts hidden away, go ahead and send a picture of each one, along with the beauty shots.
  • If your bike is a daily driver and you love it so much you just want to see it in a magazine less pictures will do.
  • We will sort and choose the pictures that we think will create the best layout.
  • When we have a bunch of unpublished pictures we will use them in a collage type layout, so even if your bike doesn’t make Bike Of The Month, be patient. It should show up somewhere along the line.


Typically, we look for between 500 and 800 words for the feature bike. However, we understand your custom build may need more or less. No problem, once again just send us what you have and we will do the editing to work in the layout.
Yes, you can give a shout out to the shop and painter and anyone else that had a hand in it, but just work it in to the story. Do not turn this into an advertisement. It just will not be allowed. We want to see credit where it’s due, but we do not offer free advertising.


Put it all together in an email; use a zip file for larger contents; and send it to and we will do the rest.